Guest Blogging – historical fiction

captureToday I should be making a guest appearance on the blog of author Jenny Kane. I am probably lost in the wilds of the land of no internet so, if this link doesn’t work, it is because I am having to schedule this post in advance and I’m not able to check it as it isn’t live at the time of writing. If there is a problem I will correct it when I can, so do look back and try again.

As Jenny also doubles as historical novelist Jennifer Ash, I have deliberately chosen her for today’s advent offering. Jennifer writes Medieval crime with, as she says, ‘a side order of romance’. The Outlaw’s Ransom is so new (it was published this week) that I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, although it did have a previous incarnation, in an abridged form, as part of another work. It is described as a ‘novella’ but if you enjoy it, there is a full length sequel on its way. Jenny is one of several Devon authors who are part of my advent collection. Why should there be such a wealth of talented novelists, many of whom are historical novelists, in Devon? Maybe it is the pace of life; maybe we are just behind the times down here in the bottom left hand corner of the country. It is a privilege to have met, either virtually or literally, many of those I am listing.

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