Family History

 ‘What is the fire in our belly but the eternal flame of a thousand ancestors’ Robert Brault

My first real family trees, compiled by the magic age of seven, were inspired by the four generation pedigree in my Baby Book and the rough, handwritten, minimal trees, compiled on two single sheets of paper by my parents and then pinned together with a rusty pin – these I still have. For someone who had no siblings, no first cousins and second cousins on only one of the four possible sides of the family, family history had an immediate appeal. I knew no one, apart from my own, very small, immediate family, with my surname, which made me eager to learn more.  There were also the family rumours. My father’s family, the Braunds, were descended from pirates, washed ashore during the wreck of a Spanish Armada ship – despite being reported in The Evening Standard – definitely not true. My mother was a Smith, her grandfather, or possibly great-grandfather was reputed to have been offered a half share in Smith’s Crisps for £50 and turned it down saying  ‘it wouldn’t catch on’ – possibly true this one. There is certainly a connection with the founder of Smith’s Crisps.

I was fortunate to have a wonderful album of photographs for my mother’s family and I revelled in sorting through these with my mother and great aunt, who became a surrogate grandmother after the death of my own grandmother. Together we put together a family tree, using these photographs, which we mounted on the back of large pieces of cardboard that advertised dog food on the reverse. It should, of course, have been Pedigree Chum but in fact, it was Winalot! From then on I was hooked and I began serious research when I left college in 1977, re-inspired by the Gordon Honeycombe series that was the first televised promotion of family history.

For me, it has always been about the stories rather than the pedigree; setting my ancestors in their local and national historical context is the priority. 40 years down the line, the enthusiasm remains and I help others to discover their roots and research on behalf of others, as well as investigating my children’s and grandchildren’s ancestors.

Contact  I always reply to e.mails but am aware that some do get lost in the ether. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours please try again.

Surnames Researched

ADDAMS St. Mellion/St. Germans CON 1650-1700

ARCHER Stanford Rivers ESS 1725-1850

BALLARD Verham Dean HAM 1800-1875 Devizes WIL 1775-1825

BAKER Ditchling SSX 1725-1850

BARKER Sandon/Great Baddow ESS 1725-1850

BARNES Castlemorton WOR 1725-1800

BAYLIS Kempsey WOR 1775-1850

BEDWARD Hanley Castle WOR 1775-1900

BENNET Stoke Climsland CON 1725-1800

B(E)URGAUD Poitou, France 1650-1700

BISHOP Buckland Monochorum DEV 1675-1775 Bere Ferrers DEV 1750-1900

BOUND Callington CON 1700-1800 St. Stephens, Saltash CON 1750-1800

BOWDEN Mary Tavy DEV 1575-1650

BOWMAN Sampford Spinney DEV 1625-1700

BOWYER Bobbingworth/Epping/Writtle ESS 1750-1900

BRAUND Northlew/Tavistock DEV 1650-1775 Menheniot/Quethiock CON 1700-1800 Landulph CON 1800-1900

BUCKINGHAM Lewannick/North Hill CON 1700-1875

BULLEY Great Yarmouth NFK 1725-1825

BURN Buckland Monochorum DEV 1725-1825

CARDELL Highgate/Hornsey MDX 1775-1875

CHILTON Great & Little Kimble BKM 1800-1875

CHRISTIE Rayne, Aberdeenshire SCT 1750-1850

CLIFT Landulph CON 1750-1850

COATES Great Yarmouth NFK 1700-1800

COHU Castel, GSY 1650-1750

COOPER Writtle ESS 1725-1775

COURT St. Briavels/Newland/Bristol GLS 1600-1850

COWL Sydenham Damerel DEV 1700-1725 Stoke Climsland CON 1725-1775

CRISPIN Churchstow DEV 1775-1850

CUDLIPE Mary Tavy DEV 1550-1625

DAINES Norwich NFK 1725-1825

DAVEY Lewannick CON 1700-1775

DAWSON Great Baddow ESS 1750-1900

DEACON Landulph CON 1725-1875 Stoke Climsland CON 1650-1775

DERRY St. Cleer CON 1625-1725

DILLING North Hill CON 1725-1850

DINGLE St. Mellion CON 1675-1750

DODD Aston Clinton BKM 1725-1800

DOLBEL Castel GSY 1650-1700

DOMAILLE Castel GSY 1650-1700

ELFORD Mary Tavy DEV 1550-1725

ELSON Writtle ESS 1650-1725

FEW Great Bedwyn/Tidcombe WIL 1750-1850

FISHER Newland GLS 1750-1825

FITCH Writtle ESS 1725-1825

FRANK Danby/Roxby/Whitby YKS 1775-1900

GALE Ditchling SSX 1700-1775

GALLIENNE St. Peter Port GSY 1750-1850

Le GALLEZ St. Peter Port GSY 1750-1800

GEACH St. Mellion/St. Dominick CON 1650-1750

GILBERT Froxfield WIL 1800-1850

GILCHRIST Rayne, Aberdeenshire SCT 1750-1850

GRACE Hound/Titchfield HAM 1775-1850

GRANT Diptford DEV 1750-1850

HANNAFORD Halwell DEV 1750-1850

HARPER St. Briavels GLS 1725-1825

HEAD North Huish DEV 1750-1900 Ugborough DEV 1800-1875

HINGSTONE Halwell DEV 1750-1850

HOGG Morpeth NBL 1825-1900 Kirkwhelpington NBL 1775-1850

HOLDER Newland GLS 1650-1725

HOWE Stone/Great Kimble BKM 1800-1900

JAMONNEAU Poitou, France 1650-1700

JAMOUNEAU St. Peter Port GSY 1700-1800

JEFFERY Quethiock CON 1775-1850

de JERSEY Castel GSY 1650-1725

JOHNS Bere Ferrers DEV 1725-1825

JOHNSTON Rayne, Aberdeenshire SCT 1775-1875

KEAR St. Briavels GLS 1725-1875

KENNER North Hill CON 1700-1800

KENT Vernham Dean HAM 1775-1875

KINGHAM Aston Clinton BKM 1800-1850

KINSMAN Buckland Monochorum DEV 1750-1825

LAMBALL Bampton OXF 1775-1850

LAUNDRY St. Mellion CON 1750-1850

Le CORNU Castel GSY 1650-1725

Le POITEVON Castel GSY 1650-1700

LITTLEJOHNS St. Stephens, Saltash CON 1750-1825

LOVIS Castel GSY 1600-1700

LUCAS Menheniot CON 1700-1800

MADICK Plympton St. Erle DEV 1600-1675

MARQUI(S) Castel GSY 1600-1800 St. Peter Port GSY 1750-1800

MEAD Whitby YKS 1800-1875 Norwood SRY 1875-1900

MILDREN St. Mellion CON 1750-1825

MILSON St. Briavels GLS 1675-1825 Rockfield MON 1775-1800

MUDWAY St. Briavels GLS 1700-1850

NAISH Woodborough WIL 1750-1825

NICHOLLS/NICHOLAS St. Stephens, Saltash CON 1725-1875

NICHOLLS Sheepstor DEV 1700-1775

NICHOLSON Diptford DEV 1750-1850

NORMAN Lythe/Whitby YKS 1775-1875

OLIVER Norton Mandeville/Writtle ESS 1725-1875

OUGH St. Cleer, Callington CON 1650-1750 St. Germans/Landrake CON 1750-1850

PALMER Writtle ESS 1725-1800

PEARSON Togston Barnes (Warkwarth ?) NBL 1800-1850

PEPPERELL Churchstow DEV 1775-1850 Halwell DEV 1800-1850 North Huish DEV 1850-1900 Norwood SRY 1850-1900

POOLY Menheniot CON 1700-1800

PORRITT Newton/Whitby YKS 1775-1850

PURDAY Great Yarmouth NFK 1775-1875

RENOUF St. Peter Port GSY 1700-1875

RICHARDSON Stebbing/Great Baddow ESS 1725-1800

RICHARDSON Tidcombe WIL 1725-1800

RICKARD St. Germans CON 1725-1800

ROBERTS Botus Fleming/St. Stephen’s, Saltash CON 1650-1750 Landrake CON 1750-1850

ROLPH Aston Clinton BKM 1775-1850

ROOSE Lezant CON 1700-1750

ROUSSELL Castel GSY 1600-1725

SEEAR St. Albans/Hemel Hempstead HRT 1725-1875 Stoke Newington MDX 1750-1900

SHEERS Menheniot CON 1750-1850

SMITH Hammersmith/Hackney MDX 1775-1900 Richmond on Thames SRY 1750-1850 Ipswich SFK 1820-1850

SMITH Great Bedwyn WIL 1750-1800

SMITH Ditchling SSX 1750-1825

SMITH Quethiock CON 1700-1775

SPILLER Mary Tavy DEV 1650-1725

STANGOR Lythe YKS 1775-1850

STRATFORD Aston Clinton BKM 1700-1875

SWEETINGHAM Hound/Titchfield HAM 1775-1900

THORN South Hanningfield ESS 1750-1850

THURROGOOD South Hanningfield ESS 1750-1875

TRACHY St. Peter Port GSY 1700-1800

TURNER Little Melton NFK 1725-1775

UDY Quethiock CON 1700-1800

VINAL Ditchling SSX 1700-1825

WALDER Henfield SSX 1750-1825

WELLS Aston Clinton BKM 1700-1750

WHITE Castlemorton WOR 1700-1775

WHITE St. Mellion/St. Dominick CON 1675-1750

WIGHT Insch, Aberdeenshire SCT 1750-1900

WILLIS Ugborough DEV 1750-1850

WILLS Mary Tavy DEV 1625-1675

WINDATT North Hill CON 1725-1850

WINLEY Writtle ESS 1650-1750

WRIGHT Rayne, Aberdeenshire SCT 1750-1825

WOOLGAR Henfield SSX 1725-1850

‘There is properly no history; only biography’  Ralph Waldo Emerson


13 comments on “Family History

  1. Graham Alcock says:

    Are there any Stapledons/Stapeldons buried locally?

  2. Wendy Gunn says:

    I am looking for any information about the Trachy name from the 1700-1800’s, which you researched. Specifically, looking for names of the parents of John Trachy, born Abt. 1781, in St. Mary, Jersey, Channel Islands, (I believe he died about 1861-1865), who was married to Jane Trachy, born Abt. 1784. Their son, Francois J Trachy was my great-great grandfather. Thanks so much! Wendy Trachy Gunn

  3. Simon Guy says:

    It looks like our trees are related. My daughters Grandmother (on my wife’s side) is a Seear. I have traced them back to William Seear (b. 1754 Stoke Newington) and wondered if you’d managed to go back any further/

    • Hello, sorry I didn’t get a notification for this comment. I too am stuck with William of Stoke Newington. I am pretty certain that there is a link to the Seears of Hemel Hempstead but I can’t prove it.

  4. Kerin Colson nee Bierman says:

    Hi, love your blog, just found it today. I think we may be cousins. My 4th great grandmother was Grace Coham Braund. From what I can sort out she was born in Devon. Can’t verify her parents, but from my notes they are Lewis Webb and Jane nee Gimblett. Do you have any information on any of these people you’re willing to share?

  5. Niki Salfranc says:

    Wot no Courts?! 🙂 On a more serious note; I see you have Channel Islanders in your tree. I have a slender volume of “Patois poems of the Channel Islands” from the Victorian period – would you be interested in a scanned copy (or indeed the original, which I would willingly send gratis). Let me know.

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