Community History – One Place Studies

‘History is not what you thought. It is what you can remember’  R J Yeatman

As a community historian, I aim to create a full picture of the history of my chosen research areas, using all available sources to create a One Place Study. To do this, I adopt a strategy of community reconstruction, which involves dissecting a small, definable, geographical area to examine, in as much detail as possible, the individuals, buildings and processes of the past.

I have four studies:-

I am a former chair of The Society for One-Place Studies and the author of an introductory one place studies booklet Ten Steps to a One-Place Study and a one place studies handbook Putting Your Ancestors in the Place: a guide to one place studies. I am listed on the Directory of One Place Studies. I was also the critical reader and family history adviser to the Open University with regard to the course ‘Family and Community History’, known as DA301 and I went on to tutor this course.

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‘The Thames is liquid history’  John Burns



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