Some Testimonials

‘There is always a danger that history comes to mean the past, as opposed to an interpretation of it.’

Kildonan Museum, South Uist

‘The course has provided me with everything I could possibly need (and more) to sort out my main goals of prioritising family history, research, recording and writing up the stories during the coming year and beyond. I now know the way ahead and am very much looking forward to putting my plans into action.’ C. G. ‘This course has been so inspiring, and exactly what I needed to get going. It’s taught me to step into my ancestor’s emotions, thoughts and life style, as vague as it may appear to be.’ J.J. Are you Sitting Comfortably?: writing up your family history – offered as a 5 week course as part of the Pharos online programme.

‘I always forget to send feedback, but I just wanted to say how utterly brilliant Janet’s talk was. It went so quickly but wasn’t the least bit rushed so managed to take lots of notes. So informative. She is such a good speaker/presenter.’ Society of Genealogists (Occupational Hazards: the working lives of our ancestors)

‘Thank you both for an absolutely fantastic evening on Thursday when you visited the archive to talk about the civil war. You hit just the right balance between informative and entertaining to give us all a really memorable event.’ Devon Rural Archive (The English Civil War in the South West)

‘Janet Few’s first session was packed with people. There were overflows of people standing around the workshop area to hear her. And, as usual, she knocked my socks off.’ Who Do You Think You Are? Live(Families in Context: researching your English Ancestors and their communities in the early twentieth century)

‘That was excellent!! Janet is a brilliant presenter.’ Society of Genealogists (The Ones that Got Away: tracing elusive English Ancestors)

‘Absolutely fascinating, very informative. The best exhibits that I have seen at a course. Time stood still!!’ Society of Genealogists’ half day course (Coffers, Cauldrons, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives and food of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘What a tour de force your talk was this morning! All of the committee members were united in their enthusiastic response. Thank you so much for your presentation, which our chairman described as truly motivational.’ Phyllis Court Family History Group ((Putting Your Ancestors in their Place: 10 Steps to a One-Place Study)

‘Her talks are fantastic as she packs so much into each session. A must listen to speaker if you get the chance.’ Unlock the Past Baltic Cruise (A to Z of Family History: an alphabetical journey through some less well known sources)

‘The most informative family history talk I’ve ever heard’ ‘Truly inspiring’ Who Do You Think You Are? Live, Olympia 2014 (A to Z of Family History: an alphabetical journey through some less well known sources)

‘A well researched and stimulating talk, one much appreciated by all.’ Devonshire Association Tavistock Branch (Besoms, Battledores, Bedsteads and Bum Rolls: the role of women in the seventeenth century)

‘The course exceeded my expectations and has given me the inspiration and structure that I needed to start writing up my family’s story. Thank you again for running this course. It was well worth the journey down south [to Devon] from our home in Staffordshire’ (Are you Sitting Comfortably? writing up your family history 1 day course)

‘That was an excellent presentation and gave me a new perspective of the factors influencing immigration to Upper Canada.’ attendee at Canada Ontario Genealogy Societys conference (Uproar and Disorder: the Bible Christians of North Devon and their impact upon nineteenth century Canada)

‘We had a number of very positive comments, which is always a good sign that a presentation was universally very much appreciated.’ Society of Australian Genealogists (Putting Your Ancestors in their Place: 10 steps to a one place study)

‘Many thanks for the wonderful informative and entertaining evening you gave us yesterday. Everyone enjoyed seeing and hearing about ordinary lives in the 17th century and we won’t think of being ‘strait-laced’ or ‘letting our hair down’ without remembering. It was very good to be able to see and touch some of the items people would have used then. We hope you will come again to tell us more about the history of ordinary folks – so I will be in touch when I start on the next programme for the History Society.’ Somerton History Society (Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘I found the logical list of areas to look at most helpful, It makes you feel in control of what you can usefully do. The 1910 valuation survey was explained and I’d always wondered exactly what it was. Thanks Janet.’ (Researching your Ancestors and their Communities in the late C19th and early C20th ½ day course)

‘Thank you so much for your most interesting and amusing talk on Thursday.  Several members came up to me and said they wished more talks were as good as that!’ Chagford Local History Society (Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘Your talk, delivered at speed with facts and dates seemingly bursting from your every pore was excellent, fascinating and impressive. It makes such a difference to a talk when the speaker has extensive well informed knowledge of their subject matter … everything at their finger tips! Many thanks.’ Littleham History Society (Faith, Fish, Farm or Family?: motivations for emigration from North Devon)

‘I have not enjoyed myself so much at a meeting in a long time. Thank you so much, it was a high point in my mundane life.’ Devonshire Association (The Civil War in the South West)

‘I must congratulate you on such a good session. It went very well, and my heavens, you sure know your stuff.’ attendee at British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottowa conference (Faith, Fish, Farm or Family?: motivations for emigration from North Devon)

‘Thank you once again for another excellent talk. You could tell that the group was really interested in what you had to say – the time just sped by. It was full of useful information and as it was linked to a real place it told a story as well I’ve had 4 emails this morning from individual members saying how much they enjoyed your talk, found it useful and asking for you to come again.  I can honestly say that hasn’t happened before in so many numbers and it is obvious that they will be delighted that you have agreed to come next September.’ Weston-Super-Mare Family History Society (Putting Your Ancestors in their Place)

‘KHS will talk about your entertainment/education and professional delivery for a long time.’ Kingsbridge Historical Society (Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘This is to thank you for your excellent Family History Class last Saturday. It was wonderful to find out a bit of my grandparents and my father’s brothers and sisters. I much appreciated the special help you & your gentleman assistant gave to me, as the only man (and disabled) in the class.  I look forward to the next session.’ Student (Part 1 of 2 day Beginners’ Course)

‘Thank you very much for such a fascinating and entertaining talk about ‘your’ life in the seventeenth century. It was one of the best talks we have ever had.’ Torridge U3A (Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very a very interesting talk on Wednesday evening. I am sure it will encourage more of us to think about our past and the many changes that occur over the years’ Buckland Brewer WI (Tulips, Topiary, Tradescanth and Thyme: seventeenth century gardens)

‘Thank you very much for a brilliant workshop today.  It has given me much food for thought!’ (Are you Sitting Comfortably?: writing up your family history – one day course)

‘Many thanks for a super presentation yesterday evening.  Like everyone else, I was thoroughly absorbed in the topic.’ Buckland Brewer Gardening Club  (From the Herb Garden of Mistress Agnes)

‘Thank you for this morning – that was really good – I can always tell when my group is ‘carried away’.’ South Molton U3A (How we used to live 1851)

‘We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the entertaining and informative talk. It was much enjoyed by all and we thank you for bringing your tools and artefacts to show us and bring your century to life.’ Bow and District Historical Society (Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs: the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors)

‘Thank you for the super talk you gave to the history society. Sitting at the front I could not see the reactions of the audience but I could hear them and there was no fidgeting and I have heard nothing but favourable comments. It was fascinating.’ Torrington Historical Society (Faith, Fish, Farm or Family?: motivations for emigration from North Devon)

‘We are not makers of history, we are made by history.’

Martin Luther King jnr.

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