‘If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.’ Michael Crichton

Below are links to pdf handouts of recent presentations. Click on the link to download the appropriate handout; it may take a few moments to download. Please note that handouts are copyright and are for personal use only.

Toleration or Turmoil?: English non-conformity and our ancestors

Farm Fish Faith or Family North Devon-Canadian Connections Devon Family History Society 15 April 2017

Give me a Child until they are Seven: young children and family history Who Do You Think You Are? Live 6 April 2017

Elusive English Ancestors Who Do You Think You Are? Live 6 April 2017

Ship to Shore: sources for researching coastal communities and their inhabitants Guild of One-name Studies’ Conference 2 April 2017

The Surname Society 11 March 2017 Following a Surname Around the World: tracing emigrants and immigrants – Janet Few

Ducking Stools, Dissenters, Debtors and Drunks

SOG 25 February 2017 Coffers, Cauldrons, Comfrey and Coifs the lives of our seventeenth century ancestors

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4 comments on “Handouts

  1. Shauna Hicks says:

    Thanks for the handouts – lets me see what I missed due to my early departure. I enjoyed all your talks that I attended. Hope to see you again some time.

  2. Jane Taubman says:

    Thanks for the handouts, I have filed them away for future reference. I really enjoyed all of your lectures which I managed to get to. Hope you have now recovered from your “Holiday”. I really enjoyed your blog posts as well. I am working on my photo book for the cruise at the moment so will post up the electronic version once it’s completed.

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