‘If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.’ Michael Crichton

Below are links to pdf handouts of recent presentations. Click on the link to download the appropriate handout; it may take a few moments to download. Please note that these handouts are copyright and are for personal use only.

Ill, Impoverished, Illegitimate, Insane

10 Steps to a One-place Study

Sons of the Soil

Forgotten Women

Talks and Presentations

Forthcoming Talks

Selected Previous Talks

Some Testimonials


9 comments on “Handouts

  1. John W. Hawthorn says:


    Thoroughly enjoyed and was fascinated by your presentation to the Rugby Family History Group on “Ship To Shore”. Such a treasure trove of pointing to resources and methods for exploring this area of family history. Sorry I went of piste with the “64 shares in a boat” bit, but I am always fascinated about the derivation of sayings and customs. Whereas I am not yet aware of family who emigrated or worked in sea faring trades I am ready if it happens. Many thanks.

    John W. Hawthorn

  2. Trevor Hearn says:

    Thank you for your excellent presentation for the Federation of Family History Societies Family History Show on 10th April. I have learned so much and am really fired up to progress my research. Thank you for the handout as well – it enables you to concentrate on the talk without worrying about taking notes and missing something vital.

  3. Terry Davies says:

    Enjoyed your talk on 20th Century Research. Thanks for the very detailed handouts.

  4. […] Researching can sometimes be a solitary affair. Even if we work as part of group, society or community archive, those involved are often exclusively adults. If we want the next generation to take an interest in their heritage and to continue our good work, we have to begin to inspire them sooner rather than later. If you want young people to become active participants in your one-place study, you will need to do the groundwork. They will not arrive as fully fledged, dedicated one-place researchers. This means beginning by surrounding small children, perhaps those in your own family, with a sense of the past. Earlier this month I gave a presentation on this topic at Who Do You Think You Are? Live. This focused on very young children, perhaps those under the age of seven. If you would like to access the handout for this talk it can be downloaded from my website. […]

  5. Shauna Hicks says:

    Thanks for the handouts – lets me see what I missed due to my early departure. I enjoyed all your talks that I attended. Hope to see you again some time.

  6. Jane Taubman says:

    Thanks for the handouts, I have filed them away for future reference. I really enjoyed all of your lectures which I managed to get to. Hope you have now recovered from your “Holiday”. I really enjoyed your blog posts as well. I am working on my photo book for the cruise at the moment so will post up the electronic version once it’s completed.

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