Cast List

Barefoot on the Cobbles has a large cast, all of whom really existed. A few have had their first names changed to avoid confusion. There is more information about some of them in a series of blog posts that appeared on this site in the days before the novel was published and there are links to these posts below. I felt that those reading the novel on an electronic device might welcome the opportunity to download and print the list of characters, so the appropriate file can be found here. For photographs of many of these people, please see the photo gallery.

The Folk you will Meet as you Wander down the Cobbles and Beyond

A Family Touched by Tragedy

Polly – a desperate mother

Albert – her husband, a fisherman

Daisy – their eldest daughter

Leonard, Bertie, Violet, Mark, Nelson, Lily and Rosie – their other children

In Court

Mr Lefroy – solicitor for the defence

Richard Ottley – a jaded reporter

Mr Brown – the coroner

Mr Cruse – foreman of the coroner’s jury

Mr Duncan, Mr Cock and Mr Fulford – magistrates

Mr Carnegie – presiding over Bideford county sessions

Mr Warlow – appearing for the Director of Public Prosecutions

Superintendent Shutler

Police Sergeant Ashby

In Bucks Mills

William – Albert’s father

Mary ‘Mrs William’ – Albert’s mother

Fred – Albert’s brother

‘Crumplefoot Tommy’

Aunt Ellen ‘Mrs Tommy’ – his wife and Albert’s aunt

Eadie – their daughter, Albert’s adopted sister and cousin

Sammy, Evie, Peg, Alice, Dol and Gilbert – their other children

Captain James ‘King of Bucks’ and his wife – Albert and Eadie’s grandparents

Aunt Matilda – a deluded soul, Albert’s aunt

Aunt Agnes, Aunt Lizzie and Uncle John – Albert’s other aunts and uncle

Walter – Eadie’s husband

Captain Joe – a householder

‘Takey’ – a fish merchant

‘Johnnie Adelaide’ – a neighbour

Norah and Gertie – his daughters

‘Daft Bob’

George – Albert’s cousin and Ada’s intended

In Peppercombe

Richard Wakely – Polly’s father

Eliza Wakely née Found – Polly’s mother

Arthur – Polly’s brother

Lydia, Jane, Ada and Ethel – Polly’s sisters

Mrs Pine-Coffin – Lady of Portledge Manor, Polly’s employer

Winifred – her daughter

In Bideford

Susan Prance née Found – Polly’s aunt

Joe Prance – a fishmonger and grocer, Polly’s uncle

Minnie and Athaliah – their daughters, Polly’s cousins

May – another daughter, recently died in Wales

Willie and Hilda – May’s children, lately arrived in Bideford

Mr Hopson – an ironmonger

Frank Holwill – an ironmonger’s assistant, Athaliah’s suitor

Mrs Newman – a superior dressmaker

Mrs Emily Powell – a struggling gentlewoman

Captain Thomas Powell – her profligate husband

Frances, Rosamund, William and Margaret – their children

Florence Powell – another daughter, much mourned

Reverend Roberts

Reverend Page

The Misses Ley – schoolmistresses

Mr Tardrew – a creditor

Temperance Lloyd – a supposed witch

Philip Waters – an Appledore boatbuilder

At Clovelly Court

Mrs Hamlyn – Lady of the Manor

Mr Frederick Hamlyn – her husband

Mr Caird – her agent

Hon. Betty Manners – heiress to the Court

Herbert Henry Asquith – the Prime Minister

Mrs Asquith – his wife

Hon. Arthur Asquith – their son

Lord Northcote – a guest

Lord Hugh Cecil – another guest

Lord Cromer – another guest

Clovelly Villagers

Granny Smale aka Granny Pengilly – a tea-shop owner

Captain William Pengilly – her first husband

Harry Smale – her second husband

Annie Stoneman – her granddaughter

Ben and Mabel Stoneman – Annie’s parents

Susan, Hettie, Norman and Fanny – their children, Annie’s siblings

Mrs Emma Stanbury – Polly’s neighbour, a witness for the prosecution

Mrs Hannah Davies – her daughter

Stanley Davies – Mrs Davies’ son

Mr Edward Laurence Collins – an outsider

Mrs Amelia Collins – his wife

Alice, Mary and Bella – Daisy’s friends

Mr Tuke – a gardener

Mrs Tuke – his wife

Abraham Tuke – their son, a reluctant soldier

Mrs Jones – a lodging house keeper

Eli – a carrier and a relative of Albert

Samuel Harris

Mrs Harris

Oscar Abbott

Mrs Abbott

Sid Abbott

Tom Pengilly – coxswain of the lifeboat

Will Harding

Rose Harding – his wife

Billy Harding – his son

Frank Badcock

Merelda Badcock – his wife

Wilf Badcock – his son

Richard Foley

Jack Foley

Mrs Foley

Mrs Bushell

Steve Headon

Dick Cruse

Captain Charlie Bate

Tommy Bate – his son

Catherine Bate – Tommy’s wife

Captain Jim Jenn

Captain Jenn senior

Mr Moss – publican of the Red Lion

Tom Finch – gardener and organist

Will Oke – an unfortunate elderly man

Mrs Oke – his wife

Reverend Simkin

Miss Lott and Miss Hazard – schoolmistresses

Mr Ellis – a shopkeeper

George Reilly – a photographer

Postman Branch

Mrs Howard – a postmistress

Encountered in Clovelly

Vera Wentworth, Jessie Kenney, Elsie Howey and ‘Mrs Pond’ – women with a purpose

Dr Crew, Dr Kay, Dr Toye and Dr Ackland

Thomas Sanders – the relieving officer

Mr Dennis – a magistrate

Frank Ifield – a singer

On the Western Front

Major Shilland

Corporal Squance

In Torquay

Mrs Gilley – proper gentry

Mr Gilley – her husband

Laura Kate Cornelius – a former servant with social aspirations

Percy Cornelius – her husband, a butcher

Kathleen Cornelius – their daughter

Mr Meyers – Mrs Cornelius’ father

Francis Meyers ‘Mr Francis’ – Mrs Cornelius’ brother

Owen Meyers – another brother, a fallen soldier

Mrs Alice Meyers – Owen’s widow

Mrs Miller – impoverished gentry

Agatha Miller – her daughter, a dispenser

Winnie Hamm – a servant, Daisy’s friend

Louisa Taylor – superintendent nurse at Newton Abbot workhouse

Dr Cook

Eugene O’Brien and Mary Pickford – film stars

Charlie Chaplin – a comic genius