Buckland Brewer Emigrants

‘The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are’ Maya Angelou

I am researching the biographies of all those who left Buckland Brewer for destinations overseas, prior to 1930. The list that follows is not complete. Please contact me or Buckland Brewer History Group if you can add to this list, or if you have information about any of the individuals named below. N.B. Although Ontario was not created until 1867, in the interests of consistency, it has been used as a destination throughout.

Surname Christian Name Year of Birth Home in Buckland Brewer Destination
Blight Benjamin 1828 Little Braddon Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Blight Montague 1895 Collinsdown Mitchell, Ontario, Canada
Braund Amelia Annie 1900 Little Gorwood Yarraville, Victoria, Australia
Bridgeman John c. 1801 Montreal, Canada
Brooks Grace Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA
Brooks Jane Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA
Brooks Richard J Whitewater, Wisconsin, USA
Chapple Thomas c. 1822 Bilsford but later Alwington Simcoe County, Canada
Cole William c.1801 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole Elizabeth c. 1833 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole John H c. 1835 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole Mary c. 1837 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole William c. 1829 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole Ann c. 1840 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cole née Heal Charity c. 1803 Tithecott Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada
Cory née Courtice Elizabeth c. 1790 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Courtice John c. 1770 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Courtice née Phillips Mary Darlington, Ontario Canada
Dennis John Guysesborough, United States
Fowler née Margaret Galsworthy Dereham Township, Oxford, Ontario, Canada
Fowler William Galsworthy Dereham Township, Oxford, Ontario, Canada
Fulford Bartholomew 1800 Southwood Brighton, Northumberland East, Ontario
Fulford Edward 1828 Southwood Port Hope, Ontario
Fulford Alice 1842 Southwood Port Hope, Ontario
Fulford Christian 1833 Southwood Port Hope, Ontario
Fulford Harriet 1837 Southwood Port Hope, Ontario
Fulford Elizabeth 1835 Southwood Port Hope, Ontario
Fulford John 1830 Southwood Brighton, Northumberland East, Ontario
Fulford Richard 1828 North Hele Colbourne, Huron, Ontario
Fulford Robert 1836 North Hele Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Fulford Beatrice 1864 Southwood Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Fulford William 1798 Southwood and North Hele Canada
Fulford née Bale Prudence Brighton, Northumberland East, Ontario
Fulford née Pasmore Elizabeth 1836 Southwood Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Gliddon Charles c. 1632 Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Gorrell William Henry 1910 Passage to Sydney but to NZ
Grills Richard Sidney, Township, Ontario
Heal Arthur 1881 West Hele Sydney, Australia
Heal Bert 1876 West Hele Sydney, Australia
Heal Lawrence 1828 Eckworthy Fullerton, Perth County, Ontario
Heal Henry 1830 Eckworthy Fullerton, Perth County, Ontario
Heal John 1831 Eckworthy Fullerton, Perth County, Ontario
Heal William 1832 Eckworthy Fullerton, Perth County, Ontario
Hearn John Thomas 1892 Bilsford Canterbury, New Zealand
Jewell Henry 1811 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Jewell Orlando 1838 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Jewell Henry W 1839 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Jewell Garlinda 1847 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Jewell Alfred 1843 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Jewell née Prouse Thirza 1816 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
John Dennis Guysesborough, U.S.A.
Johns William c 1789 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns née Braund Christian c 1788 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns Richard c 1813 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns Grace 1815 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns Thomas 1817 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns William 1820 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns John 1823 Village Exeter, Huron, Ontario, Canada
Johns William 1802 Geelong, South Australia
Johns Peggy 1808 Geelong, South Australia
Johns Sophia 1846 Geelong, South Australia
Johns Jane 1850 Geelong, South Australia
Johns Tryphena Walter 1852 Geelong, South Australia
Marsh Ann c. 1767 Port Jackson, New South Wales, Australia
Martin John c. 1820 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Martin Thomas 1846 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Martin Grace 1849 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Martin James 1851 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Martin Mary Ann 1855 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Martin née Ley Mary 1822 Darlington, Ontario Canada
Mitchell Thomas 1784 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Elizabeth 1828 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Thomas 1831 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Mary 1833 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Ann 1835 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Maria 1840 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell Jane 1842 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Mitchell née Evans Charity 1799 Punchards Melbourne, Australia
Narraway James c 1786 Buckland Brewer Brantford, Ontario via Picton Nscotia
Narraway née Rowe Mary c 1793 Buckland Brewer Brantford, Ontario via Picton Nscotia
Narraway Hartnoll 1825 Buckland Brewer Brantford, Ontario via Picton Nscotia
Narraway William 1814 Buckland Brewer Brantford, Ontario via Picton Nscotia
Parkhouse James Prince Edward Island
Penhale William John c 1892 Barcot New Zealand
Pridham Jasper 1818 Fullerton, Ontario
Prouse William 1819 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Prouse Edwin 1829 Bilsford Mariposa, Ontario, Canada
Quance William 1844 Tithacott Peterborough, Durham County, Middlesex, Ontario
Quance Elizabeth Jane 1851 Tithacott Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Quance John Henry 1848 Tithacott Delaware, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Quance Noah 1855 Tithacott Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Rowe John c 1785 Village Prince Edward Island
Rowe née Bayly Mary c 1787 Village Prince Edward Island
Rowe Jabez 1811 Village Prince Edward Island and later Brantford, Ontariio
Rowe Manoah 1814 Village Prince Edward Island
Rowe Penelope 1823 Village Prince Edward Island
Sanders née Heal John c. 1830 Mitchell, Perth County, Ontariio, Canada
Sanders John 1841 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Willliam 1854 Holwell Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Anna Maria c. 1841 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders née Glass Bessie c. 1863 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Thomas c. 1867 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders John c. 1868 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Julia Lucy c. 1871 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders William Bertram 1872 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Mark Augustus c. 1873 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Anna Maria c. 1875 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Franck Cecil 1881 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Ethel Louisa c. 1872 Galsworthy Dunedin, New Zealand
Sanders Philip c 1808 Carleton, County, Montreal, Ontario
Shortridge née Martin Harriet c. 1825 Bilsford Darlington, Ontario Canada
Shortridge Samuel 1852 Bilsford Darlington, Ontario Canada
Shortridge Thomas c. 1824 Bilsford Darlington, Ontario Canada
Shortridge Thomas 1850 Bilsford Darlington, Ontario Canada
Stapledon Dorothy c. 1835 Mitchell, Perth County, Ontario, Canada
Stapledon Benjamin c 1828 Tasmania, Australia
Withecombe William c 1865 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Withecombe Elizabeth Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

54 comments on “Buckland Brewer Emigrants

  1. Andrew Pridham, Ottawa, Canada says:

    My Great-Great Grandfather was Jasper Pridham who immigrated Fullarton, Perth County, Ontario, Canada in 1846 after a voyage in 1844 and two years in Darlington, Ontario which was a common starting point in the search of rland. I further have a connection with the Heal Family.

    • John Cole says:


      I am connected to the Heal family of the Buckland Brewer area via my 3g-grandmother Charity Heal, I believe Charity was born sometime betw 1797 – 1803 in Langtree. She married William Cole of Buckland Brewer in 1829 in Frithelstock Stone after William’s first wife Rebecca passed. William and Charity came to Canada about 1842 and settled near Charlotteville, Norfolk Co. Upper Canada leaving England from Bideford. Somone has told me the home stead is still there – something to check out this summer. I believe one of Charity’s brothers came with the family to Canada, Unfortunately, I don’t recall which one atm.

    • John Cole says:

      Hi Andrew,

      It was Thomas Heal that came to Canada. It appears he came over after his sister Charity’s arrival. He is found in 1861 with William, Charity and family in Charolettville. I am unsure where he went from there, but I will attempt to find out 🙂


  2. Lindsey Holman-Hirst says:

    So interesting to read this…especially when the Fulford name cropped up. I have just managed to get a copy of Towards Quebec from Amazon and although not ‘my’ Fulfords..at least I don’t think so) it is really fascinating. I am the gt gt granddaughter of Grace Fulford (1804-1884) who married Joseph Holman (1804-1883) and settled in Bideford from where my great grandfather and his brother emigrated to Canada, with family still living there today although my own father came across the pond settled back in the old country! I had a nightmare trying to find out the parents of Grace
    Fulfordsas the name is certainly not uncommon in the area but thanks to help and advice (Nancy Frey and you Janet ..although you won’t remember my query as it was about 15 years ago) came to think that she is the daughter of John Fulford(7157-1841) and Mary Cole (prev. Daymont) (1773-1849). I think that John was the son of William (1720-1801) and Grace Gifford (1728-1778) who was in turn the son of Bartholomew Fulford (1699-1731) and Hannah Boteler???? ..I wondered if am I on the right track? There seem to be a lot of Bartholomew Fulfords out there!!! Any pointers very much appreciated and hope to get to Buckland Brewer again in a post Covid world! Thank you, Lindsey

    • Hi Lindsey. I agree that Grace is d of John and Mary and that John Fulford is son of William and Grace Gifford. The next generation is probably Bartholomew and Hannah but I haven’t found a baptism for William. Do give us a shout if you come to Buckland

  3. John Cole says:

    Hi Janet,

    I was looking at t=your emigrant list this morning and noticed you dont have the Nethaway sister (Mary Cole’s daughters) that migrated to Geelong Australia with their husbands, two Judd brothers. I believe the four of then migrated there from Buckland Brewer sometime in the mid-1800s. Just thought I would mention this to you.

  4. Pat Rbinson says:

    It appears that John Martin born 1819 in Buckland Brewer may be my husband’s ggg grandfather born in Buckland Brewer about 1819. He arrived in Canada about 1855 . In the 1861 census he was in Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario. Here in 1871 his son Thomas m Elizabeth Hogarth, both Bible Christians. By 1881 they had moved to Caledon, Cardwell Ontario. I am trying to find facts to verify if I am on the the right track.

    • Hi, According to my records, John born. c. 1819 in Buckland Brewer married Mary Ley in 1846 at Bideford Register Office. They were in Caledon by 1857. If you can confirm that one of the children in Canada had a mother whose maiden name was Ley, it looks like you’ve cracked it. 🙂

      • Pat Rbinson says:

        On the marriage Certificate of John Henry Martin it says his mother was Mary Leay (sp). This family first settled in Darlington Twp, Durham, Ontario, found in the 1861 & 1871 censuses of Canada. Sons John Henry, William & Lewis were all born in Darlington. They show up in the 1881 census for Caledon, Cardwell, Ontario. They must of moved to Caledon between 1865 – 1881. John Martin was my husband’s ggg grandfather.

      • John Martin and Mary Ley married in Bideford register office 15 April 1846

  5. Cathy Dalton says:

    William Johns (b 1801) & Peggy Johns (b 1808) along with their Children Richard, William Walter, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Suzanna, Joseph, Sophie, Jane and Tryphena immigrated to Australia and lived in Geelong. They left eldest son John Hohns in Devon as he had married and had his own family. The famaily arrived into Port Adelaide SA on the South Sea Ship from Plymouth 2nd May 1855, arriving at Port Adelaide, South Australia 30th July 1855. William and family settled at Creswick Victoria where he continued his trade a butcher . William died in June 1882 and is buried at Geelong Cemetery Victoria Australia. His wife Peggy Johns died in June 1894 at Hawthorn Victoria. She is buried with her husband and 2 of their children also at Geelong Cemetery with William. (their daughter Sophia died in 1863 and son Richard died in 1922) All interned in the one plot.

    William and Peggy’s Children went on to many things in Australia –

    Mary Ann married twice, her 1st husband Murdoch Campbell and her second Edward Philipson. She had 4 children,3 of whom died in their early years from fever which broke out in 1865 in Burketown Queensland in 1866. Her forth child to her first husband Murdoch was born in Geelong Victoria in 1871. He died in 1904. Mary Ann died in 1904 in Charters Towers Qld. She is mentioned in a few novels \ online articles for her being the first white woman to travel overland from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpenteria in the early 1960’s.

    Elizabeth Johns (my GG grandmother) had a child out of wedlock William Johns. (my G Grandfather). Elizabeth married later in life and never had any more children. She died in Ballarat Victoria in 1918. Her son William Johns went on to farming in the High Country Victoria. He was known as High Country Cattleman. He was also an experienced Builder being awarded the Contract to build the Omeo Shire Police Station incl outbuildings in 1882. He settled in Omeo in Victorian High Country where he married and had 6 children with his wife Margaret McElligott. He died in 1913 and is buried along with his wife at the Omeo Cemetery.

    Suzannah Johns married James Matthews – they settled on a farm outside of Benambra Victoria (near Omeo) where they farmed the land. Susannah died in 1915 at Benambra . She had 13 children.

    William Walter Johns married Matilda Heard in 1866 in Creswick Vic. They had 11 children. He died in Oct 1898 in Natimuk, Victoria. His wife Matilda died in 1934 at Benalla Victoria.

    Joseph Johns unable to find record of his death however it is known he traveled to Queensland with Mary Ann and her husband.

    Jane Walters married a Charles Farr – they had 6 children ; they settled in Melbourne City. She died in 1923 Malvern, Vic.

    Tryphena married a Alfred Vanstone. She had 7 Children. She died in 1920 Smeaton Victoria.

    There is a strong connect in our family to the Jewell, Walter and Vanstone families in UK.

    Hope the above helps.

  6. Nigel Johns says:

    Thomas and his wife Grace Johns are listed as going to Canada. They actually went to Australia. They left on the Kinnear on the 29 June 1839. They arrived in Port Jackson on the 8 December. A diary was kept by John RAE of the voyage and is available from the State Library of NSW. They moved to Newcastle where they established a 76 acre farm and had 13 children. The land was unsuitable for farming and a slaughter house was eventually established on the site. Thomas died in 1898 and Grace in 1912.
    In the early years of their life in Newcastle they were in frequent danger from bushrangers. A story circulates that Thomas was bailed up by a bushranger at his house one day. Thomas produced a double barrelled shotgun and detained the bushranger and took him to the Police.

  7. Joan Darby says:

    My ancestor Daniel Bartlett, b. 1818, and according to the 1841 England and Wales census, resident at North Collinsdown, emigrated to Canada in the early 1840s. He married in 1844 in Trafalgar Township, Halton County, Ontario Canada, but the family settled before 1861 in Walpole Township, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada where there are still descendants to this day. He does not appear to have been a Bible Christian, although three of his siblings are buried in the cemetery at Thornhill Methodist. I thank you so much for your work in this area.

  8. Raymond Blight says:

    I can give you some information on Benjamin Blight who emigrated to Hobart in 1855. Later lived in Victoria where he died in 1901. Have a transcript of his obituary if that would be of interest. Let me know and I can send you a copy.
    Raymond Blight

    • Yes please Raymond, that would be very interesting. Thank you.

      • Raymond Blight says:

        Janet, here is what I have on Benjamin- Fourth child of William Blight and Charity Jury bapt 16 Nov 1828 Buckland Brewer.
        Sailed from Liverpool 12 July 1855 on ship Conway. Arrived Hobart, Tasmania 14 October 1855 – aged 26 a Ploughman, Wesleyan.
        From Register of Hiring and Disposal of Immigrants – Hobart, Tasmania 1855 Hired by Mr Jno Swann of New Town Ranch as a Farm Labourer at £30 for 6 months work with rations.
        Married Ann Russell 21 Jan 1857 Hobart.
        OBITUARY of Mr Benjamin Blight D.O.D 25th Aug 1901
        This article was published in the Shepparton local paper and retyped as print fading

        A very old resident of the district in the person of Mr. Benjamin Blight died at Pine Lodge on Sunday evening, after a very short attack of pneumonia. The deceased was only ailing for a few days, and was attended by Dr Herring and also had the assistance of Nurse Gorey, but despite every attention he succumbed to the complaint as stated. The late Mr Blight was amongst the earliest of Victoria’s colonists, arriving in the State in 1855, and subsequently residing in Kyueton district for many years. For the past 26 years he has been engaged in farming pursuits in this district, and was 73 years of age at the time of his death. Deceased was a very upright man, who was held in high esteem by those having the pleasure of his acquaintance. He leaves a family of three sons and one daughter, his wife predeceased him about two years ago. His eldest son Mr. George Blight has been farming in Pine Lodge for some years, whilst two other sons are in Western Australia. His daughter is married and resides in the district. Although Mr. Blight lived to a good age his death came rather unexpectedly, and much sympathy has been expressed for the members of the family. The funeral will take place today Tuesday at the Shepparton Cemetery, leaving deceased’s late residence at noon.

        Also have a lot more information on the Prouse and Jewell families as these are connected to my family. Benjamin is not connected to my own family.

        Hope this will be useful.


      • Many thanks for this.

  9. Melissa Sommercorn says:

    The family of William Johns (born 1789) and his wife Christian (born 1788, maiden name Braund) emigrated from Buckland Brewer to Ontario, Canada. They belonged to the Bible Christian church there. I don’t know where they lived in Buckland Brewer, but William Johns was a tailor. They had 5 children: Richard (1814) Grace (1815) Thomas (1817) William (1820) and John (1823).

  10. Norma Webster says:

    I am researching my husband’s Fulford family which appears to have emigrated from Buckland Brewer after the 1841 England Census. They appear in 1861 in Brighton, Ontario. I have traced him back to Bartholomew Fulford (b. about 1800) and I am working out the puzzle of wives and children, our ancestor from Bartholomew is John Fulford (b. 1830). In 1841 (if I have the correct Fulford) he is married to Harriet, and in Canada to Prudence.

    Still working on the puzzle – Have pictures of John and sons, if you are interested. John’s son – William Henry Fulford (my husband’s grandfather) immigrated to California and he was a Methodist minister. I am wondering if this family was part of the Church group that left England. I certainly see some names in common.

    • I have emailed you some details – let me know if it doesn’t arrive. Bartholomew travelled with his brother William whose account of the journey has been printed in the book Towards Quebec by Anne Giffard. See alo http://www.bidefordheritage.co.uk/emigration.html

    • jeff.cooper says:

      I have mentioned John Bridgeman who emigrared to Montreal in the 1700,s i think he was married but i can only find his second wife whos family where also from Devon the Gill family who had emigrated several years before up to today my cousin Lynn Andrews (Auther) from upper state new york is a direct decendent of John Bridgeman and apparently John was a statsman in later life as the family where very affluant owning several Butcher shops a farm and several biuldings in and around Montreal

      • John Avery Bridgeman son of Thomas and Rebecca Bridgeman née Avery (married in Buckland Brewer 1797). John Avery Bridgeman was baptised in Bulkworthy in 1801 and I believe emigrated in 1830 (although I can’t confirm this). A possible marriage is to Harriett Hammett in 1824 in Northam but they were still in Northam in 1834.

  11. Lorraine de Leuw says:

    John Sanders died 1922 in Dunedin, NZ
    Anna Maria Sanders (nee Glass) died 1911 in Dunedin, NZ
    Mark Augustus Sanders died 8/9/1946 in Perth, Western Australia (buried Karrakata Cem – a very big cemetery of 100,000s of graves) see website – http://www.mcb.wa.gov.au
    William Bertram Sanders brother of Mark Augustus Sanders – also moved to Australia

  12. Lorraine de Leuw says:

    I am researching the Sanders of Orleigh Mill. William & Catherine Sanders (nee Lock) moved from Northam, Devon in about 1840 to take up Orleigh Mill. I have been researching the Sanders name in North Devon for 30+ years and by doing this also the Sanders of Buckland Brewer. The Sanders of Buckland Brewer (Peter, Nicholas, etc.) and part of a massive Sanders tree that account for a big number of the Sanders in North Devon. I have their tree going back to the early 1600s. I have a theory that probably can never be proven – that this family originated in Hartland in the 1500s. With the Woolsery and Clovelly registers missing for the 1500s, 1600s and most of the 1700s it probably can never be proven one way or another. I don’t think my Sanders are related to the Buckland Brewer Sanders except maybe prior to 1700. I am related only to the the Sanders of Orleigh Mill and most of that family are buried in Littleham and Northam. The first William Sanders of Orleigh Mill was my great-grandfather’s half-brother. His half-brother lived in Northam and emigrated to Australia in the 1850s. One comment I can make on the above is that some of the Sanders of Buckland Brewer – that emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand re-emigrated to Australia. I have been in contact about a decade or so ago with a descendant of this family who lived in Melbourne – one of her Sanders ancestors was in Western Australia (I think he died in WA in the early 1900s of TB). If I re-find this information I will post the info on this site. I visited your parish church in July this year. I was told about this website then and have only now find the time to have a look. I read some of the entries above. Port Jackson is more commonly known as Sydney Harbour. Also Geelong is in Victoria. I don’t think there is a Geelong in South Australia. Geelong, in Victoria was an immigration entry point for some in the 1800s. It isn’t far from Melbourne and Geelong is a city today. Also I am related I believe to the John and Mary Mills (nee Lock) – he was the schoolmaster at Langtree in the mid 1800s and in the late 1800s the postmaster at Langtree. I believe Mary Mills (nee Lock) who was born in Northam is a half-sister of my great-grandfather.

  13. jeff.cooper says:

    John Bridgeman from Buckland Brewer area Emigrated to Montreal in 1830 were he married Agnes gill who’s family emigrated to New York in 1834 John was one of three Brothers Joshua who was my great great grandfather and another brother Richard who I think moved over the border to Cornwell

  14. Suzette Pearce (nee Sanders) says:

    John Sanders, son of William Sanders, married Anna Maria Glass in Jan 1863. The family emigrated to Dunedin, New Zealand; one of the sons being Frank Cecil born Buckland Brewer 16/3/1881. Frank Cecil was my Grandfather. If this is the John Sanders you require information on, we can supply information on the extended family’s story, certificates etc. Regards from New Zealand

  15. John Cole says:

    There seems to be quite a few people moving to Ontario from Buckland Brewer. I am wondering if many of these people migrated together as a group out of Bideford? My ancestors that moved from Buckland Brewer to Norfolk Co, Ontario were William and Charity (nee Heal) Cole with several of their children around 1842.

    • Many certainly went as a chain of migrations in connection with the Bible Christian church. Sometimes several families went together, often lack of records means we don’t know who travelled with whom.

  16. jeff.cooper says:

    having just read your comments on the Gill family my relative John Bridgeman originally from the Buckland Brewer area and emigrated to Montreal and married Agnes Gill christened 14/jan/1808 Atherington.emigrated to NYC 23/may/1834 on the brig Ebeneza I think the marriage between john and Agnes was a second marriage as the age that they got married

  17. Mary, In answer to your message regarding William Prouse. Firstly the William who was the son of William P and Joanna White b 1809 in Hartland remained in Hartland all his life and never married. He is on all the census returns from 1841 to 1891 recorded as unmarried and at various times living with his widowed sister Elizabeth (Downing) as well as his unmarried brother John and his brother Thomas’s wife Joanna.

    Secondly, William son of John and Ann (Gill) was baptised in Bideford Parish Church 5 August 1810. He may well have emigrated to Ontario before 1841 as I have not found him on that census. The first record of him in Canada is the marriage to Elizabeth Sowden. As far as I know he emigrated without any of his family. His only brother John remained in England. His Father is on the 1841 census but have not found his death or that of his mother Ann.

    Hope this helps.


  18. jeff.cooper says:

    in 1830 John Bridgeman left Buckland Brewer for Montreal where he married Agnes Gill who’s family where originally from Atherington and emigrated to Canada about 1834 I have several letters if you would like to see them

  19. David Regan says:

    My 3xG Grandparents were William and Peggy Johns. Can supply info and photos.

  20. Mary Paulsen says:

    I think my ggg grandfather is the William Prouse you are researching. Is it posible to read your information. I know he married Elizabeth Sowden. in about 1845 His daughter Elizabeth Prouse was born in 1846 She left him in the early 1880s, and went to Homestead in Dakota Territory. Elizabeth had two sons and one daughter that I know of. She owned her own land, started a business, was a seamstress, midwife, and undertaker. She married two more times …once in her 4os and again when she was in her 60s. One son homesteaded with her in Dakota. He is my grandfather I know her parents were listed as Bible Christian and came from England.

    • The Prouses I have are the children of William Prouse and Elizabeth Pince from Buckland Brewer, who emigrated to Victoria and Mariposa, Ontario. This sounds like a different branch of the family. There are a number of Prouse families in North Devon.

    • William Prouse who married Elizabeth Sowden 1845 in Port Hope, Ontario was the son of John Prouse and wife Ann Gill baptised in Bideford in 1810. John (the father) was an elder brother of William who married Elizabeth Pince.

      • Mary Paulsen says:

        Are there doc. that show William Prouse’s father was John Prouse? Did my William Prouse travel with his father or brothers to Canada ? In what year did he leave England. I only ask as some other distant relative believes William’s father was William married to a Joanna Whyte *White I would appreciate any help you can give me

  21. Hello from the USA. My great-great-great grandparents, William and Margaret Fowler, emigrated in 1854 from Buckland Brewer to Dereham Township, Oxford, Ontario, Canada aboard the ship, “Rose.” In the 1851 census, they were living at Galsworthy in Buckland Brewer.

  22. Margaret Heal says:

    Also Dorothy Heal b abt 1835, sister of the above mentioned Heals. Dorothy married John Sanders b abt 1830 and they emigrated to Mitchell, Perth Co, Ontario before 1862

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