Of Wonderful People, Chilling with a Book and a Little more about Edward

It is now a week since I posted about the wonderful world of Edward. During the past seven days we have been overwhelmed by the strength and the positivity of the responses that we have received. Thank you is completely inadequate. Thank you to the 76 people, from seven different countries, who shared my original post and to the unknown number who shared those shares. Thank you to the 844 people (and the number is still rising) who have viewed the post and thank you to those who have retweeted. The many comments and private messages of support, understanding and thanks have been amazing. You have no idea how important these are to Edward’s family. At one point Martha (Edward’s mum) said, ‘Aren’t there any negative comments’ and no there weren’t, not one single one because I have wonderful friends, so thank you again. We have tried to save all the comments for Edward to see when he is older. We believe that we have probably reached at least 1000 people, who are now a little more aware of what life with PDA can be like. To say this exceeded our expectations is beyond an understatement and it is not over yet. On the strength of this response and for the many of you who said you would like to hear more about life with Edward, Martha has now set up her own blog Being Edward, with the associated twitter account @being_edward so please do take a look. This process has been incredibly positive and uplifting for our family and it is all down to you; a real indication that social media can be a force for good and of course that I have wonderful friends.

chill with a book barefoot on the cobbles by janet fewLife has gone on in the midst of this media storm. I am ridiculously excited to have received a Chill with a Book Award for Barefoot on the Cobbles and the reviews and feedback have been wonderful. Another thank you. I promise I am working on book two but give me a year or so. There is even something that passes for continuous narrative now, about 4000 words worth. Ok, so they are going to need a lot of work but narrative nonethless. I am getting ridiculously sidetracked by the research and the focus is shifting slightly as I write but I hope the end result will incorporate many of the elements that you tell me you enjoyed in Barefoot.

More information about Barefoot on the Cobbles can be found here. Copies are available at various events and at all my presentations. You can order from Blue Poppy Publishing or directly from me. Kindle editions are available for those in the UK, USA, Australasia and Canada.

3 comments on “Of Wonderful People, Chilling with a Book and a Little more about Edward

  1. crissouli says:

    Congratulations! Your blog is included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at


    Thank you, Chris

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