#100daysofbfotc Day 93: Mr Warlow

Scales_Of_Justice.svgCourt scenes require solicitors and Mr Warlow is the another of these. He appears at the trial on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecutions. In common with other professionals in Barefoot on the Cobbles, he represents authority and underlines the impotence of the villagers in the face of officialdom.

William Henry Warlow was born in 1854, in Birmingham, the son of William and Lucy Betsy Warlow née Watson. He grew up in Handsworth and by 1881 was working as a solicitor in Newcastle. He then moved to a seaside property in Alnmouth, Northumberland. After this, his career took him to London, first to Bloomsbury and then to Regent’s Street. He never married and died in 1928.

‘Sitting in judgement were the magistrates, with their intimidating air of officialdom; Mr Duncan in the chair with Mr Cock and Mr Fulford flanking him. Mr Warlow was there to speak for the Director of Public Prosecutions. Polly supposed that she should fear him, regard him as her enemy perhaps but she was numbed beyond feeling.’

Barefoot on the Cobbles will be published on 17 November 2018. More information about the novel can be found here. Copies will be available at various events in the weeks following the launch or can be pre-ordered from Blue Poppy Publishing or the author. Kindle editions can be pre-ordered for the UK and also on Amazon.com.

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