Day 2 Endless Night

Qantas_A380-800_VH-OQL_SIN_2012-4-1It is deemed to be night for the majority of the flight from Heathrow to Singapore, which does at least agree with our body clocks for the first part of the journey. We really do not want to still be asleep at what for us is 9am though. No Bejewelled on this in-flight games system, so I settle for Mastermind. Judging by some of the questions, it was compiled about twenty years ago. Nonetheless, I win a virtual million pounds twice. Not a great deal to recount from this twelve hour flight, apart from the person in the row behind me reaching round and stealing my pillow when I bent forward to get my bag from the floor. Fortunately, the plane is half empty, so we have a row of four seats to ourselves, giving us a spare. The thief though has five pillows to himself!

We have three hours to wait at Singapore airport. Time to access the internet thinks I. Or not. After much more jiggery pokery I finally persuade my lap top to reveal the login screen. I need a code. I don’t have a code. I walk a considerable way and find a machine that allegedly provides codes. Before it will part with its secret, it requires me to scan my passport, which is back where I’ve just come from. I retrace my steps along the concourse to fetch said passport. ‘Scan your passport here’. This I do. Nothing happens. No permutation of passport positions, including the one suggested by the machine, yields a code. Never fear, there are always the free wifi machines. I attempt to log in to emails. ‘Outlook has detected an unusual log in’ and will send me a code to access my emails. The only snag is, they are sending it to a different email address, one that I can’t access because they detect an unusual log in on that address too – arghhhh!!!! To add insult to injury, Windows 10 will only let me play cards on my computer when I am logged on. Good job I have brought actual cards too.

It is night again on the seven hour flight from Singapore to Brisbane. We’ve only been awake about five hours so it is back to the in-flight entertainment. This time Suduko, which is not really something I’ve tried much before. I decide I’ll just play a few games until I am tired. I graduate from needing hints on the easy version to cracking medium difficulty boards unaided. I wonder why I am being offered my second breakfast of the day already. It seems I have Sudukoed the ‘night’ away.


One comment on “Day 2 Endless Night

  1. Brian Hall says:

    Welcome to the world of long haul flights

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