Travels with a 3½ year old – Day 3 – Swimming and Beachcombing

You can tell how exhausting all this travelling with 3½ year olds is, as there is no energy left for blog writing. Day 3 was meant to be a more relaxing day and not just for my benefit. If this is relaxing………. Anyway, we started with a quick session in the on-site pool and adjacent soft play. Retrieving ball pit balls should be an activity in every gym. After this, some food at Culver Haven where we should have been able to admire spectacular views. I am sure they were there somewhere amidst all the mist and howling gales. This was actually where I had my wedding reception, so I am told. As I had measles at the time, I was unable to fully appreciate it. Anyway, my parents also walked this part of the coastal path on their honeymoon, so a double family history connection.

DSCF4192Next stop, the beach for a bit of beachcoming and hunting for fossils and dinosaur remnants. The only discoveries were in Edward’s imagination. It is our turn to host the extended family travelling toy, Captain James, knitted to represent a nineteenth century family member. He has been round the world several times, in the company of various hosts. This responsibility involves posing him in various locations and reporting back for the benefit of his blog. At least with a 3½ year old in tow one doesn’t feel quite so conspicuous wandering around with a stuffed doll. Then a quick game of Guess Who with Edward, reminding me that I am going to create a set using family history photos one day.

We are staying in our caravan but the others have a chalet, complete with hot tub. It seemed rude not to test this out, despite the cool outdoor temperatures. At least the hot tub itself lived up to its name, even if getting in and out was a trifle bracing.


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