Relaxing, Reunions and other Adventures with Sticky Tape

Whisper it quietly – the patio is nearly done. A slight grout non-delivery issue means I will have the pleasure of Greg’s Garden Services one more time to finally finish off but I am really pleased with it. I hasten to add that the lack of grout is not Greg’s fault. Now comes the task of creating a lawn and planting some flowers but I’ll get there. I even did the laundry today on the reinstated washing line.

DSCF3752.JPGDespite Braund reunion attendees beginning to flock (well maybe ‘flock’ is a bit of a strong word – trickle perhaps) Devonwards I even sneaked a quick sit on the new patio. Actually, I may be reduced to living on the patio as my lounge is crammed with reunion paraphernalia. I have spent the past few days struggling to stick numerous twenty foot family trees together, to create name badges and stuff reunion bags. Sticky tape and I are now sworn enemies and I have humanely disposed of a printer cartridge in the process. Actually there’s a lie there, the reunion bags are as yet unstuffed, awaiting the collection of the reunion booklets from the printers. This has been left to the last minute so the attendees list is as up-to-date as possible. I am now waiting for the last minute bookings and cancellations. These occasions (and this is the 35th one) are always great fun and this year, in honour of the Coral Anniversary, we have a week and a bit of reuniting.

Blogging, if any, may need to be done at 3am and there may be a struggle to move when it is all over, judging by the number of meals out that are involved but hey, the diet starts in June (not committing to which June). The waistline is not helped by the temptation to sit in the glorious sunshine and eat ice cream on the patio


One comment on “Relaxing, Reunions and other Adventures with Sticky Tape

  1. singinglady37 says:

    I am sure all the last minute details for the reunion will come together and I wish that everyone there who is coming will have a great time .

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