All at Sea

We are currently on the ferry heading for ‘south island’ aka the Isle of Wight. Not so much a holiday for us having lived there for 30+ years, more a catch up with friends and family. We were fortunate to get the ferry operative with a brain cell today. On arrival, 45 minutes early for our sailing, we were not told to drive round the block for 15 minutes complete with caravan (as has happened on previous occasions) we were very sensibly invited to embark on the half empty ferry that was leaving an hour earlier than our scheduled sailing. She did then rather spoil the impression of intelligence by peering in to the car and saying, ‘are there two of you travelling?’ I resisted the temptation to say, ‘the other six are in the boot.’Good job we are used to ferry travel because we have committed to another cruise. I am now officially on the programme for the 14th Unlock the Past cruise to Alaska in September 2018, along with a really great line up, many of whom are friends. The fact that this clashes horribly with the job we must not mention is a bridge as yet to be crossed.

And in my collection of weird emails today: from a well known online retailer ‘Please rate this item – did your Elsan chemical toilet capsule meet your expectation?’ What expectations does one actually have of a chemical toilet capsule?

We had the usual problems with the non-descent of our automatic caravan legs (that’s the legs that are allegedly automatic not the caravan). With their failure, we are now having to be careful not to both stand at the rear end of the caravan at the same time.

I managed to avail myself of the facilities on site and use the swimming pool before a quick (that would be very quick) paddle. We forewent the delights of the soft play and play park, reserving those for later visit, when we will be accompanied by person of a more appropriate age.


May 1959

My first visit  to the Isle of Wight

We decided to continue our north to south transit of the Isle of Wight today. I recalled that my first visit here was 58 years ago and during numerous holidays and several decades of living here I have walked most island footpaths. Strangely though I didn’t complete a circumnavigation until after I moved away (although we did have an abortive attempt in about 1980). That done, we are now going north to south to be followed, if we survive long enough, by east to west. As we haven’t done a great deal of walking lately we restricted ourselves to a short stretch from Godshill to Whitwell. This was enough to remind me that last time I walked far I decided I needed new walking boots. Waterproof they are not. Somewhat soggy socked we trekked through a profusion of wild flowers before taking our ease.

One comment on “All at Sea

  1. Una Atkins says:

    Lovely story – thank you Janet. Enjoy your little time away.

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