Researching, Writing, Speaking and Making Lemonade

It has been a week of giving and preparing presentations and there are two more forays into the seventeenth century still to come. It began last Saturday, with a webinar for the Surname Society on tracing emigrants and immigrants, which, apart from the inability of participants to ask questions, appeared to be hitch free. Thanks to the organisers, this will be available on the Legacy platform before too long. Then final preparations for my session on coastal communities ready for The Guild of One-Name Studies’ conference. A certain degree of smugness because my session for Who Do You Think You Are? Live on finding elusive ancestors is already done. So that I am not elusive, I will tell you that will find me on the Thursday, April 6th, at 3.00pm. You can book for this one you know – I am in the big hall, I don’t want to have to resort to rent a crowd! Seriously, some sessions are selling out, so don’t hesitate to book for your favourites.

I have had the opportunity to put my elusive ancestor finding techniques into practice this week, whilst helping a friend. I really enjoy going back to the early stages of a research journey. Part of this hunt involved a possible change of surname and an individual, with a rather too common surname, who grew up in care but find them we did. One satisfied customer.

Writers in Cabin flyerI have done some #Daisy writing, honestly, I really have. Whisper it quietly, one chapter even got finished. For reasons best known to myself I decided that I wanted to insert an anchor symbol into the text. This was not as easy as I feel it should have been and in the process of attempting to use the ‘special characters’ function, my screen turned on its side. Not wishing to adopt a permanent crick in the neck, I had to work out how to undo whatever I had just done. Let’s just say it took a while and at one point I was standing on my head but normality has returned to the screen of my laptop. The publicity flyers have arrived to advertise our Writers in a Cabin weekend. Do come and say hello. If you want to chat to a particular one of us, watch out on individual writers’ websites for when they are ‘on duty’, as there isn’t space for us all to be there all weekend.

The lottery that is good health once you reach a certain age has handed me a few lemons lately. Whilst I am busy making lemonade, it has meant that various appointments with medical personnel have been required. To make sense of this story you need to know that it is a cardio-thoracic issue (probably) – I watch Holby City, I can do technical terms. Two letters arrived on my doormat, with different phone numbers to ring for appointments 1. Cardiology 2 Diagnostics (a scan think I). It would be just too simple for the two things to be on the same day. Cardiology booked no problem. I ring Diagnostics ‘Where would you like to go for your hearing test?’ I just restrained myself from saying ‘Pardon?’ Last I heard that was the one bit of me that was still working! Turns out it was a clerical error.


2 comments on “Researching, Writing, Speaking and Making Lemonade

  1. GenieJen says:

    I love reading your blog, you have such an interesting life. All the best for your tests.

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