And Finally ……. Last Historical Novelist for Advent

This morning has been spent doing my bit for the community, wielding a scanner in the local community shop, alongside someone dressed in red, uttering strange ‘Ho, ho, ho’ sounds who looked strangely familiar. A great way to wish my friends and neighbours ‘Season’s Greetings’. Everyone keeps asking me if I am ready for Christmas. Christmas I can do. Whether I am ready for the familial onslaught on 27th is another matter. At this point in time, most of the house is (by my standards) clean and tidy. I have achieved this by shoving all the junk in one room. This would work well if a small person didn’t have to sleep there. The excavation of sufficient space begins on Boxing Day. I really should be finishing an article this afternoon but this may have to wait until next year. I might just spend some ‘me’ time trawling for a few more third cousins.

813sroorzkl-_ac_ul320_sr208320_I started at the beginning of December with twenty four authors in the historical novelists’ ‘hat’. I drew one out each day to determine the order in which I have introduced them to you. Today’s entry is south Devonian Michael Jecks. For his Templar series of books, we return to the Medieval period, where we find former Crusader Sir Baldwin and bailiff Simon solving mysteries in and around Dartmoor. Baldwin’s official title is Keeper of the King’s peace for the shire of Devon and it seems that there are plenty of incidents to keep him busy. The mystery element of these books is well crafted and it is rare that ‘who dunnit’ becomes obvious before the denouement. The history is well informed and the geographical setting is beautifully recreated, all the elements are therefore in place for an absorbing novel or, of course, in this case, whole series of novels – bliss. There really are enough excellent Devon authors for me to be able to ‘read local’ for several years!

I am sorry to those authors amongst my historical fiction collection who did not get included in my calendar; it is not a reflection of my opinion of your work, advent was just too short for everyone to get a mention. I have to say this series of advent blogs has led me to purchase rather more books than I like to admit, as I discovered new titles by favourite authors – now all I need is time to read them.


One comment on “And Finally ……. Last Historical Novelist for Advent

  1. suzi pearce says:

    Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for the entertaining blogs and for adding yet more books to my already extensive list 🙂

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