Christingles, Radio Interviews and Historical Novelists

Yesterday was the local Christingle Service. In our church, we are provided with the raw ingredients and we make our own during the service. If you have ever tried inserting a candle into an orange without the aid of a useful implement, you will know that it can’t be done. I have been caught like this before. In my pocket is a potato peeler/apple corer. I ponder whether carrying a potentially offensive weapon such as a potato peeler might be illegal but I am not arrested so it must be okay.

My interview for Tiverton Radio is now live. I have, it seems, acquired a new alias in the process. I wasn’t prepared for the photo, thinking, as it was radio, what I looked like wouldn’t matter – epic fail in this respect then. I do seem to say ‘Yes’ rather a lot. So if you want to hear me rabbiting on imparting words of wisdom and saying ‘Yes’ do click through to the above link.

511TFTy83xL._UY250_.jpgI need to be brief, lofts to empty, writing deadlines looming but I need to do justice to today’s historical novelist – Ariana Franklin and her Mistress of the Art of Death series. The heroine is Medieval anatomist Adelia Aguilar so another history/crime combination. To be an anatomist in the 1100s is unusual, to also be a female, adopted into a particularly free thinking family and hobnobbing with royalty does require a stretch of the imagination but not one that detracted from my enjoyment. Some anachronisms do creep into the twelfth century setting. This would normally annoy me beyond measure. The fact that it does not is a reflection of the other qualities of the writing. In The Death Maze Adelia becomes embroiled in royal intrigue as she investigates the poisoning of Henry II’s mistress Rosamund Clifford. The Assassin’s Prayer recounts another royal commission as she accompanies Princess Joanna on her way to a dynastic marriage in Sicily. Relics of the Dead sees Adelia trying to establish whether human remains are indeed those of King Arthur There are four books in the series, the last published posthumously and I am sad that there will be no more.


One comment on “Christingles, Radio Interviews and Historical Novelists

  1. manchestermama says:

    I enjoyed your radio interview!

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