Box Seven of the Historical Novelist Advent Calendar and How many Boxes can you Fit…..?

Well, the contents of half of my loft is no longer in the loft. I can report that I am still able to squeeze my way from bedroom to bathroom when needed. I am a little concerned about where the other half might go but that is a problem for next week. I am also just about still standing after hefting boxes. The tree, with new lights, is decorated. The old lights cost £12.99 from Woolworths in the late 1970s – that is more than we paid for the new ones! Local radio had a phone-in about old Christmas tree decorations yesterday. The ones that were cited were mere babies compared to some of mine.

Product DetailsA round up of historical novelists wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jean Plaidy. Jean Plaidy’s novels formed a backdrop to my late teens as I read my way from her Norman saga to the Victorians, by way of the Plantagenets, Tudors, Stuarts and Georgians. I do still have my near complete collection of Plaidy books; they take up several feet of precious bookshelf. They are amongst the very few books that I still have that I will probably not re-read but I somehow can’t bring myself to part with them. Although I read each one several times when I was younger, I feel I have somehow outgrown them. Tales of the royals don’t hold my interest in they way that those focusing on more lowly characters do. Having said that, I do have to credit Jean Plaidy with giving me a far better grounding in British historical chronology than I could have acquired any other way. They are still in print, with jazzier covers than the ones I have and have now lost out to a certain extent to those by Phillipa Gregory but they still hold a special place in my heart.

In a P.S. to my 2nd December entry. Liz Shakespeare’s forthcoming book about Edward Capern is to be accompanied by a CD of his poems, set to music by Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll. This is the CD that also has spoken poems on it, narrated by a fisherman of my acquaintance. A seasonal musical track is already available online.



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