Chocolate Rivers and Magic Roundabouts – Day 13

Today we are due to make our return trip over Confederation Bridge. On windy days it is closed to high sided vehicles. At 12 feet (or not, see earlier posts) we are classed as high-sided. It is windy. Will we escape? It turns out yes we will, although the cross-winds added an extra dimension to the terror factor. It has been windy since we arrived but today, although still sunny, there is what we would call a howling gale. Next thing we know we will be in Kansas on top of a wicked witch. Oh no, I forgot, we don’t have visas.

We are heading west on road 15. We have opted for a slight detour via Fundy National Park, on our way to St. John’s. This is worth the effort. The Petitcodiac River is nicknamed ‘The Chocolate River’ and the red soil really does make the water look like molten chocolate. No photographic evidence I am afraid – the old ‘nowhere to stop’ syndrome striking again. We come to Alma, which has, apparently, the highest tides in the world, so another superlative ticked off. As we enter the National Park there is a booth where permits are to be purchased. It seems we do not need one of these and better still there is a car park. Chris goes to look at fishing boats and I photograph the no longer particularly chocolate river. There are also some interesting wooden lobster pots – here called traps.

068 Sundial Rockwood Park, St. John's 27 September 2015We narrowly avoid another low bridge related incident but as we enter St. John’s, the sat-nav is confused by a new road. A surreal series of left and right turns ensues and I wonder if we will ever get off this magic roundabout. Eventually we arrive at Rockwood Park site. This is part of what, in the UK, would be called a country park. Some children are rock climbing. This appears to be an organised activity and they have crampons and safety harnesses but no helmets! I know I am risk adverse but can you imagine this being allowed in England? We see our first moose, albeit a wooden one and a sundial sculpture in memory of all workers who have been mentally or physically injured whilst at work. This has been set to be accurate at noon on 28th April when these workers are especially remembered. We have allegedly been put on a ‘quiet’ pitch. This may be a relative term as there is prolonged loud hooting from what we think is a nearby train. The consolation is that I appear to be able to get internet access from the van, rather than skulking in the laundry, as is supposedly necessary. Another 250 miles to go tomorrow, back into Québec. Ideally we would like to make an early start but I am not relishing the thought of the magic roundabout in rush hour.


One comment on “Chocolate Rivers and Magic Roundabouts – Day 13

  1. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    We are enjoying traveling with you on your visit to Canada .
    We have both lived here all our lives and have never really traveled too far from home!

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