Genealogy all at Sea

Just a quick message as I await collection in order to be whisked off to board the Celebrity Eclipse for Unlock the Past’s genealogical cruise of the Baltic. The chaos of preparations – when we really don’t know what to expect – was not helped by 20 hours worth of the job I must not mention arriving on my doorstep on Thursday morning. I was also trying (and failing) to get my house ready for a visiting small person (and her parents) who will be here in my absence – not good timing once again!

I have twice as much luggage as I have ever taken abroad before however sixty percent of that is books and seventeenth century costume as Mistress Agnes is to put in a performance. I am likely to be in an internet black hole while I am away but I promise that the tales of daring do (whatever that is) will be recorded for your delectation and edification upon my return, or if I manage to sneak my way into somewhere with a wifi connection, sooner than that.

I am never a fan of customs and security (is anyone?) and with the added complication of Master Christopher and his nice safe surgeon’s kit (which, we have been informed, ‘will be confiscated IMMEDIATELY’), I am approaching the initial stages of the trip with trepidation.

Chauffer awaits … more anon.


One comment on “Genealogy all at Sea

  1. Helen says:

    Bon voyage, or the equivalent in Baltic speak.

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