Talks, Books and other Busyness

This week saw me give two remote presentations to Ontario Genealogical Society’s annual conference. This is always a strange procedure as I usually feed off my audience and screen-sharing my power-point means that the audience are hidden from sight. I did explain that it was their chance to sleep through a lecture without the speaker knowing – who knows how many took the opportunity? Their set-up meant that I could only hear what was being said when the speaker was very close to the Canadian lap-top and in the absence of any loud noises their end, I could not hear what was going on. It turned out that at one point they couldn’t hear me either. It seems that the lap-top that was being used lacked a power cable and the battery died. Who needs an insightful conclusion? My second talk, on one place studies, included a question from someone who, by co-incidence, was researching a place a mere three miles from where I was born. I was therefore able to give some detailed information. Fortunately no one else expected me to have a similar in-depth knowledge of their place or I may have been stuck!

Also on the agenda was a very interesting meeting, on behalf of Devon Family History Society, with people looking to develop heritage provision on Lundy Island – some intriguing ideas and possibilities. The meeting was on The Oldenburg, Lundy’s passenger ship. You can only get on and off the boat at certain stages of the tide. It was touch and go whether we would escape in time. In the end we descended a very wobbly gang-plank, dodging ropes and cables, at the very last minute, Just as well we did, as then it was off to entertain Langport History Group as Swords and Spindles.

I was thrilled to find that the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies have made Putting your Ancestors in their Place: a guide to one place studies their book of the month. I do hope this isn’t because they bought lots of copies that they can’t get rid of! It is being offered at a reduced price and postage free in the UK – so June is the month to buy, if you haven’t already succumbed to the temptation.

LHN_cov_115_174_250_80_sMore excitement, as I have been invited to present a webinar for The Society for Australian Genealogists, so I shall be talking on three continents and at sea this year. There have also been some lovely remarks about my recent article in Local History News, the magazine of the British Association for Local History. It describes how Buckland Brewer History Group have been working to take history into the community.

I haven’t forgotten that I promised to report back about bringing history to the next generation – more on this soon.


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