History Hither and Yon

10351733_10206820505215117_6643545054264781746_nIt was a real pleasure to address the Isle of Wight Family History Society at their conference last week. My topic was working women and I made sure I kept my own female ancestors in mind by including photographs of many of them at the start of my presentation. Get out there and trace your female ancestors, family historian friends. Ironically, I returned home from the island only to meet an IOWFHS member at my first talk back in Devon. In my absence, Buckland Brewer History Group entertained Torrington History Society in style, illustrating yet again what a wonderful, active, supportive group they are.

Last week saw the publication of my article in Local History News (the magazine of the British Association for Local History) about involving the community in history. Then I wore several hats at the South West Area Group Family History Fair. There was plenty of positive response for the concept of One-Place Studies and it was another great opportunity to meet up with people. Mistress Agnes put in an appearance and there were several Swords and Spindles enquiries. We also enjoyed meeting several Braund Society members, so all in all, a good day. I now get two weekends at home!

An interesting conversation between a fisherman of my acquaintance and someone trying to sell house and contents insurance, was recently put on speaker-phone for its entertainment value. Having given the usual name, address, age, number of rooms information, the next question related to property outside the home. You would think that the salesman, knowing he was interrogating someone of pensionable age, would have referred to barbeques or patio furniture but no. ‘Do you have a trampoline?’ he asks. Whilst the three eavesdroppers on this conversation are trying to un-see a vision of the potential customer on a trampoline, the discussion takes an even more bizarre turn. A grandfather clock is mentioned as an item that might need special listing. The salesman takes note and then asks, ‘Do you keep it in a safe?’ Well not currently.


2 comments on “History Hither and Yon

  1. Helen says:

    Please don’t let Master Christopher wear his sword when he is on the trampoline, it would be most dangerous. Better he keeps it in the Grandfather clock in the safe.

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