Is this what passes for recovering from Who Do You Think You Are Live?

Far from ‘recovering’ from Who Do You Think You Are? Live, it has been busy busy yet again with Swords and Spindles taking off and numerous talks in the pipeline. Great to see we made the official Who Do You Think You Are press release photo gallery. Last week I paid a visit to a local U3A family history group, who I join periodically to trouble-shoot and encourage. They had changed their meeting place since my last visit, to a ‘village hall next to the Methodist Church’ in a small village. Said village hall not being immediately obvious on my first pass down the street (there was only one street – or as it turned out – two), I asked someone who knew – or in fact didn’t. Trust me to picked the one dog walker in (insert the name of a very small rural village here) who was unable to distinguish an Anglican church (and associated church hall) from a Methodist Church and neighbouring village hall.

Then a wonderful seventeenth century day at Poundstock Gildhouse but I will leave Mistress Agnes to write of that for Swords and Spindles. I have also spent time try to convince cruise line security that seventeenth century medical equipment does not represent a threat to life and limb. I expect Mistress A. will wax lyrical about that too.

The usual history fest continued with helping to present a Hangout-on-Air on migration for The Society for One-Place Studies, a world war one research workshop for our local history group and final tweaks to my presentations for Ontario Genealogical Society’s Conference. Now to finish my new working women presentation before another trip to the seventeenth century tomorrow. It is our Braund Society reunion this weekend and I have to manage to be in two places at once as I am venturing to Plymouth for Plymouth Local Studies Day – actually I think I will solve this by sending Mistress Agnes in my stead.

It has occurred to me that anyone looking at my internet search history would think me decidedly dodgy. This week has seen my strange Google (other search engines are available) requests range from ‘Victorian Prostitutes’ and ‘urology and astrology’ to ‘female chain makers’. Such is the variety of life!


3 comments on “Is this what passes for recovering from Who Do You Think You Are Live?

  1. Caro-Claire Wiles says:

    Another interesting one to read
    We are so looking forward to the Toronto reunion in October.

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