The Postman Calls – and brings History to my Door Mat

DSCF2366It has been a very exciting week on the Swords and Spindles front, with the postman delivering not just shiny advertising signs to affix to the car but also various ebay acquired artefacts. Our initial approaches to schools (hampered by the steam driven internet) have been very positively received, so these are exciting times. We are now on Facebook and looking for ‘likes’ so, in the interests of shameless self-promotion, I am mentioning it – no obligation, just saying!

Then there was a really bumper day post-wise when I found on the door mat not only the proof of a 1930s local history book that Buckland Brewer History Group are reprinting but even better, images of the whole 1941 National Farm survey for the parish. These were acquired on our behalf by a selfless volunteer (or maybe they just didn’t know how to say no to my tentative request!). This just goes to reinforce what I have always known, that family and local history fans are generous in the extreme.

Whisper it very quietly but it does seem that my communications are restored to their former glory. After wasting another hour of my life listening to how important my call was, I manage to organise a repair to my telephone line. It was with great excitement that I saw the engineers’ van parked outside the following day. Shades of Marie Celeste, there were no repair persons in said van but a van nonetheless. Although this did restore my phone temporarily, it was merely destined to lull me into a false sense of security. It seems that they were actually repairing someone else’s phone. It was a further two days before the telephone engineer called to say my line was restored. Great, I thought, now my internet speed will return to normal, instead of being intermittent and so excruciatingly slow that pictures would not appear on many websites. Not so. A slight sense of panic at this point. Apart from the general frustration, one of my jobs is wholly dependant on vaguely decent (by rural standards) internet speed. To say nothing of wondering how I would deliver my remote presentations to Canada in my seriously pixilated state. Well, as I type (and I hardly dare say this) things do seem to have returned to that happy state we call normal. Now to catch up with all the tasks that have taken twice as long as they should over the last couple of weeks.


One comment on “The Postman Calls – and brings History to my Door Mat

  1. Caro-Claire Wiles says:

    HI Janet
    I always enjoy your notes here

    Glad to here that your phone and internet connections are fixed at last!
    Having lived in the country for over 38 years with minimal dial up connections that we pathetically slow , I thought I had died and gone to heaven after our move when we now have high speed connections and I can actually get a lot of my mail through to people.

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