Mostly about Santas and Co-incidences

When things are quiet on the blog front you can be sure that they are busy in life. I am currently catching up whilst waiting for a delivery. Said delivery will allegedly occur between 7am and 1pm, hence the need to not only be awake by 7am – never difficult – but also to be dressed and respectable – more tricky. Now that I have made the effort they will probably arrive at 1pm, if at all.

So what have I been up to? I have just completed a 4000 word article about Bible Christians in North Devon. A bit of a pity that a) it started out being 5000 words long and b) that I read the eight page style guide after I had completed it. I have also compiled another chapter for my 1946-1969 book – on housework this time.

Amongst several recent talks, I extolled the virtues of One-Place Studies at the Society of Genealogists. Co-incidentally, amongst the enthusiastic audience was a lady whose ‘place’ was where I grew up and we have since exchanged information. Another co-incidence occurred when I was tracing the family history of a new member of our local history society. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that his ancestors were not long term Devonians but were distantly related to my daughters’ Wiltshire forebears.

I had a great time in Bude as usual, talking about witchcraft this time, my online early twentieth century community history course has come to an end and I have just hosted a Hangout-on-Air for the Society for One-Place Studies. Just a couple more engagements this year, including a return visit to Buckinghamshire Family History Society. Things don’t look like being any less hectic next year as I already have a very full calendar including Who Do You Think You Are? Live in Birmingham, the Guild of One-Name Studies annual conference, a Baltic cruise for an Unlock the Past Cruise and two remote presentations for the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in May – so much for things calming down!

I have spent a couple of days with seven year olds at the time of the Great Fire of London. My colleague asked if any of the children knew the name of the biggest church in London. One of the adults in the party attempted to whisper ‘St. Paul’s’ to the child next to her. Confidently the child put up his hand. His response – ‘Santa Claus’ – Chinese whispers rules.

DSCF2083On the subject of Santa Claus, I completed my Santa ‘fun run’ at the weekend. Not only was it probably the warmest November day on record but someone had decided that making the Santa suits of felt was a good idea – just a tad cosy. I am very grateful to all those who sponsored me in aid of Children’s Hospice South West; still time for additional sponsors.

The round of Christmas get-togethers has begun with the Braund Society lunch at the weekend. Probably a good job I have been fun-running in preparation for the surfeit of food.



One comment on “Mostly about Santas and Co-incidences

  1. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    As usual, you are one busy lady and it is always interesting to read what has been going on with your daily life and experiences . Thanks for sharing your words and pictures.

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