Burns Country

Site availability necessitates a short distance move to the nearby site at Ayr. Earliest arrivals are 12.00 so we are on site at 11.59. We then go to visit the Robert Burns’ birthplace museum in Alloway. I was surprised to find that Alloway was a small settlement, centred round its Burns connections. I have to confess that Burns is not high on my list of favourite poets and I was expecting something low key. The weather is glorious again as we arrive at another impressive museum; Scotland have certainly bitten the tourism bullet in a way that England have not. We viewed Burns’ actual birthplace, walked through pleasant gardens and looked at various actual and interactive exhibits. These included designing our own Burns shortbread tins and participating in a Burns Night celebration. I did well at haggis killing but less so at the dancing!034 28 July 2014 Front of Burns' house

We take a look at the ruined kirk, with, thanks to Burns, its associations with witches. Then we take in the views from the Burns’ monument. Like Burns, the designers of this monument were Freemasons and their symbols are evident. Finally we cross Brig a Doon. I have memories of a production of Brigadoon from when I was at college but I hadn’t realised that there really was a Brig (bridge) a(cross) the River Doon. I vaguely remember that Brigadoon only existed at certain times but there it is and we don’t get lost in the mists of time.

 In the evening we go to greet Martha, Rob and Edward who have arrived at a nearby holiday park. Martha is less than impressed with the so-called travel cot that has been provided for Edward but which resembles a cross between a prison cell and a dog pen. Next stop Commonwealth Games.



One comment on “Burns Country

  1. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    Thanks for sharing your Scottish adventures. Hope you will enjoy the commonwealth Games

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