Earthquakes, Oversized Lights and Paper Bags – amongst other Things

The excitement of setting off for Who Do You Think You Are? Live was delayed by waiting for the electrician to ‘first fix’ the conservatory. Odd term ‘first fix’, surely something is either fixed or it isn’t. He was due last Friday but the lack of a conservatory roof at that point made playing with electricity less than desirable, especially as the rain was still of biblical proportions at that point. Very shortly before last Friday I realised that in order to be ready for the electrician I should have purchased the necessary wall lights. No spare days for a trip to the shopping metropolis that is Barnstaple so I relied on online outlets. Plenty to choose from and I found some that I liked. In fact I liked them so much that I bought some to replace the wall lights in the living room as well. I suppose the clue was in the brand name ‘Massive’ really. I had thought that it was just that – a brand name – unfortunately it was a descriptor. It never occurred to me to look at dimensions, supposing there were any. I now have four seriously oversized wall lights. On the grounds that I can’t be bothered with the hassle of sending them back and finding something else I shall use them, even if it makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland after she’d drunk the shrinking potion.

Then the car journey to London. There is a vent in the car door that blows cold air on my knees regardless of any fan and heater settings. The equivalent vent on the driver’s side doesn’t appear to work (or malfunction) in this way. After several journeys I have now worked out a solution that involves wedging magazines in front of the vent. This is fine until you open the door BEFORE removing the magazines, which then fall out of the car into an inevitable puddle.

The Twitter-sphere informs me that there has been an earthquake at home. It is apparently the 5th strongest English earthquake of the twenty first century – not actually sure that that is much of a claim to fame. Typical though that things get exciting when I am not there. All I can say is that if my conservatory has been knocked down by the aftershocks someone will suffer!

We know we have arrived in London as eccentricity rules. Some of the inhabitants even make me seem normal. As we drive through Wandsworth (I think it is Wandsworth – looks pretty much the same as other London boroughs on our route) there is a man walking along with a paper bag on his head. It is one of those sturdy paper bags with a bottom and handles. He has cut eye holes but the bag is otherwise undecorated. If he is trying to be inconspicuous he has scored a major fail!


2 comments on “Earthquakes, Oversized Lights and Paper Bags – amongst other Things

  1. Iain Swinnerton says:

    Sorry I shan’t see you both, for the first time in many years I am not able to get there. In the last three months I have two fairly major ops, the first last October to repair what the surgeon described as a very tatty tendon in my right shoulder which had snapped and the second 3 weeks ago to replace mt left knee. All those years of soldiering (and age) arcatching up with me. However, I firmly intend to be at Ashford in April. I hope yopu have a good show.
    Best wishes Iain

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