Chance to write your Memories – women wanted #socialhistory #familyhistory

Ok so I can’t sit on this any longer. If you have memories of all or part of the years 1946-1969 I need you. In return I can encourage you to finally get around to recording part of your life story. Go on, you know your nearest and dearest have been nagging you to ‘write it down’. If you are amongst my family history friends, just think how pleased you would be if your ancestors had left an account of their lives – you can make sure your descendants are not left wondering about your own.Janet on beach

So get out the family photo album, ransack the loft for any memorabilia, start racking the brain, tell your friends and get ready to join in. Further details can be found here.

Just so I am the first to embarrass myself, here I am in the 1950s.



One comment on “Chance to write your Memories – women wanted #socialhistory #familyhistory

  1. Derek & Pamela Palgrave says:

    Pamela Palgrave is interested in your proposition to record some memories of the forties and fifties

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