Maimed Soldiers, Photographs, Freeholders and Pains in the Mumblepins

Excitement on the One Place Study front as I receive a photograph of someone who was born in my house in the 1860s. Nice to meet you Henry Ley.

Mary & Henry Ley seated  George on right +Mary Giles and Walda - Sarah Colyer use as wish

Saturday was spent at the One Day Conference for Devon Family History Society. Very interesting talk from Jan Wood about Quarter Sessions’ Records. Amongst other things she mentioned the Devon Freeholders’ Lists on Genuki – transcribed from Quarter Sessions Records. These are in addition to those accessible via the Friends of Devon Archives – those for my One Place Studies now duly extracted thank you. I am also eager to get to Exeter to look at QS128 – petitions from maimed Civil War soldiers.

After lunch was Mistress Agnes’ slot – plenty of positive feedback and a quantity of Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs sold. Just a bit of a shame that a large percentage of the sales money found its way into the pocket of the man selling postcards. Two of Buckland Brewer, three of Clovelly equals small fortune but worth it.

The day finished with Rebecca Probert talking about Marriage Law for Genealogists – this kind of background information helps to make it clear why we can’t locate our ancestors’ marriages.

The calendar for next year is also filling up rapidly, with more engagements for Mistress A and myself – book early to avoid disappointment. Excited that I shall be presenting at Who Do You Think You Are? Live at Olympia again next year.

Nagging pain in the mumblepins and a lack of handy cloves, has finally driven me to make an emergency dental appointment. Unlike my seventeenth century ancestors, I know it is not a worm in my tooth that is causing the problem. This is just as well, as the cure would have been inserting a red hot brass probe to kill the worm. Having suffered all weekend, I then go through the ‘our receptionists are all busy at present’ routine. Finally, a real person on the other end. ‘Do I mind seeing someone who is not my regular dentist?’ by this stage I’d be willing to see the cleaner, the receptionist, anyone with a barrel load of painkillers or strong tweezers. All set for this afternoon. ‘All set’ is probably a relative term.


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