‘Genealogy for Grown Ups’ at Exodus 2013 Conference

Up early for a day at the Halsted Trust’s ‘Exodus: Movement of the People’ conference. Great to chat to old friends and new and meet family historians from all corners of the globe. Especially pleased to meet some of my overseas blog followers. Advance news (or should that be warning?), if all goes well, I am hoping to visit Canada in the autumn of 2015. I have already had some requests for talks and I will be delighted to fit these in if I can. First I listened to Peter Park, speaking about rural to urban migration, using Cumbria and Liverpool as his case study. In the light Of my visit to the area last year, this was particularly fascinating for me.  I sat the next session out and caught up with the latest news. There was a great deal of interest in our Society for One-Place Studies and membership has grown rapidly over the weekend.

I had a good audience for my talk on Devon emigrants and some very positive feedback afterwards. Finally a brilliant session from John Titford on migrants who bounced back. I have known John for more years that either of us would like to admit to and this talk was delivered in his usual, wonderfully dry, humorous style. The research he was describing involved what he called ‘genealogy for grown ups’. I would call it ‘family history for grown ups’ but I am so with him on this one. All about looking at lesser known sources in original form at Record Offices in order to investigate the context for our ancestors lives. Well done John – a tour de force. Back in the van I find that I have somehow acquired a remote control for a digital projector – oops. I could claim I thought it was mine, which is after all exactly the same. In truth I just didn’t think at all.

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