Mole Traps, Moggies and Morning Dew: the hazards of photographing gravestones.

I am finally catching up with last year’s jobs and finishing off the last few gravestone photos to go with the Buried in Buckland project. I have long since established that this needs to be a morning job as the sun is at the wrong angle for afternoon photography. 6.30am and there is thick fog over Buckland Brewer. I proof-read my way through the ‘B’s of Family Historian’s Enquire Within and then venture out into the morning dew. Rather a lot of morning dew actually – feet and sandals now soaked (not the new blue sandals of the previous post.). It’s jolly hazardous this gravestone photographing you know. Not only do you have to negotiate Ernie’s mole traps, there is the continual getting up and squatting down to be level with the stone in question. The latter activity means that I have now been squatting down in long dewy grass and I look as if I have had an unfortunate accident. Then, what do you know, today’s chosen rows of stones include a significant number that face the wrong way. These are afternoon stones – typical. I clean mown grass off Cyril Metherall and remove numerous dead floral tributes out the way in order to get the best view. Then I encounter the local cat who refuses to move from in front of Olive Blight.


Gratified to see that the latest episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Gary Linekar, was filmed in Hinckley, location of the forthcoming Exodus Conference (mentioned in my previous post). Not only that but he shares with my children the distinction of being descended from a poacher.

It seems I am now Chairman of the Buckland Brewer History Group steering committee – how did that happen? Speakers to book, web pages to create, burials to index. I know, I am supposed to have finished indexing the burials. As a result of an administrative error when backing up my computer (alright, I admit it, I overwrote the new file with the old one), I now have 1741-1782 to redo. Next stop marriages. I was feeling pleased with myself that I seemed to have managed to set up an email account for the above society. Obviously lulled into a false sense of security though. They want a mobile phone number to send a verification to. I do have a mobile phone – somewhere. The number errr now that’s another matter.

Pretty pleased with our shiny new baby website for the group. It’s just a shame I should have been doing something else when I was playing at getting the webpages together. War Memorial Inscriptions now added to our Buried In Buckland pages.

One comment on “Mole Traps, Moggies and Morning Dew: the hazards of photographing gravestones.

  1. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    Life from the other side of the pond continues to be very interesting to read about on our side!
    Never a dull moment for Mistress Agnes and her counterpart Janet!

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