Just how many lies can one person tell on a census return? and problems with online family trees #familyhistory

Been a flurry of interest in The Braund Society lately. One enquirer had acquired her family tree from the internet. Interesting to see that it cobbled together no fewer than three different lines! The downside of the internet revolution in family history. Then a real tussle to take a New York Braund family back to the UK. Took 2 days but I managed it. Let’s just say that in 1900 he was called John Joseph Braund (he was actually John Thomas), he was born in 1845 (no – born in 1841), he was born in New York (born in Falmouth Cornwall), his eldest son (who may not have been his son) was born in Idaho (he was born in Canada). Sorry JT, despite all your efforts at covering your tracks (possibly because you appear to have run off with someone else’s wife who was 20 to your 45) I got you in the end!

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been – you clearly don’t have enough to do – but I have been here there and Cornwall (twice). Another successful ‘Writing up your Family History’ day course – I cannot believe that people came from as far away as Stafford to Devon to attend. Looks like I will have to take this course on the road. Then down to Cornwall for some brick wall bashing. Happy to find 12 great aunts and uncles for a lady who thought she had 5! Back to Cornwall again the following day to talk on North Devon emigrants at a family reunion for a fellow member of the Guild of One Name Studies. Shame I can’t go into details but let’s just say that some interesting people are getting in to family history these days.

Thanks for all the enquiries about the state of my back. Still with me I’m afraid. Seriously tempted to visit the barber surgeon but opted for ringing my local surgery instead. I asked for an appointment to see a member of the NHS (that which my C17th colleagues term No Hope Surgery). From the reaction of the receptionist, you’d think I’d asked her to walk on water. After I got through her ‘you must be joking’ attitude, I managed to squeeze a slot with what can best be termed triage. Lovely nurse but no diagnosis or solution and I hobble along. Appointment with the doctor today. So now I have taken up 2 appointment slots instead of one, bear in mind these appointments seem to be as scarce as hen’s teeth, how has this helped?

Sitting in the sun Doing some vital background research, I finally read one of my haul from February’s Who Do You Think You Are Live? – Anthony Adolph‘s ‘Who am I?’ – family history for young people. Another excellent book encouraging the next generation. I am already planning activities for my poor unsuspecting grandchild – who isn’t even born yet!

And AT LAST Clovelly Community Archives‘ Heritage Lottery bid is submitted – and I have had an acknowledgement and there’s no suggesting (yet) that we are lacking any vital documentation – hurrah – now we sit and wait to find out if we are successful!

Will I be resting? No. This week I have 2 days and an evening in the C17th, then off to the industrial north (be fair, pretty much anywhere is north from here) for the job I mustn’t mention.


7 comments on “Just how many lies can one person tell on a census return? and problems with online family trees #familyhistory

  1. John C. says:

    I like the way you look at online family trees Laura H..

  2. Laura Kingston says:

    Hi Janet, just thought I’d drop by to see what you’ve been up to! I’ve clearly been bitten by the roundhouse bug as I went to Wales the other week and built another, not-so-neolithic one! Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of very interesting work. Hope your back is getting better.

  3. Opps. Meant “your”

  4. I like to think of Internet family trees as “leads” not “sources.” Their sources may pan out, but you can’t take them at face value.

    Hope you back feels better.

    Laura Hedgecock

  5. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    You continue to keep a very busy daily schedule despite the problems with your back. Sure hope you can find someone that will help to get you some relief for it soon.

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