C17th Cobwebs, Arctic Whalers and the Letters of a Lady

After the excitements of the Neolithic era you’d think a quiet week would be in order but no such luck. 4 days in the seventeenth century ensue. The final day in a Cornish High School with the less academically able was one of the best I’ve spent as Mistress Agnes. A room containing a fair proportion of students who do not normally engage with what goes on in a classroom, some of who have issues such as ADHD and I was bombarded with signs of real historic thinking and excellent questions. Normally my colleagues have little trouble gaining fans in this situation – after all chopping arms off and torturing people has a certain appeal in some quarters. These students however seemed equally enthralled by bum rolls and buff coats. It is great to go home and feel that you’ve really achieved something.

As if all this C17th stuff wasn’t enough I spend one evening going to speak to Weston Super Mare FHS, a regular gig for me and always a pleasure to speak to this group – this time on my Who Do You Think You Are? experiences. This late night meant that I ended up making Martha think something was awry as I sent her an email at 11.00pm – not an hour of the day that I see very often.

Back at work I am tasked with tidying our supply of C17th costume. Never one for half measures, I excavate parts of the staff room where no one has gone before. This includes unearthing some C17th cobwebs – always handy for putting on wounds.

My next job for the Marine Lives project is one where I can use my family history skills to investigate the biographies of various crew members of C17th Arctic whalers – looking forward to this.

And a favourite website of the week – the Letters of Bess of Hardwick.

So now a quiet weekend then? Not a bit of it as 50 Braunds are descending for our annual 4 day reunion.

2 comments on “C17th Cobwebs, Arctic Whalers and the Letters of a Lady

  1. Brian Hall says:


    Please give our best wishes to all those attending the reunion. We are still considering comming over next year. Please also encourage them to come down under for the Canberra reunion in September.

    Brian & Pam

  2. Caro - Claire Wiles says:

    Sounds like you continue to thrive on your very busy life .
    I will be thinking of all the Braund relatives enjoying their time at the reunion this weekend .
    I am sure it will be a another special memory for all who attend.
    Have a great time.
    Maybe some day I will cross the pond and join you .

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