Looking forward to speaking at Cleveland FHS’s open day and a week with @NeolithicHouses

The last instalment found us in Cambridge for a wedding. A certain amount of amusement was caused during a trip to a restaurant post wedding. I am not quite sure what cuisine it was – Turkish possibly – but the mixed grill was reassuringly familiar. Chris goes to pay by credit card. Having not brought his glasses he has no chance with the ‘check the amount’ bit. It seems the very small screen is asking him if he wishes to add a tip. He can’t see this either. It is a relief to find, when the receipt is printed, that he hasn’t parted with a six figure sum. More car problems on the return journey. This time the rear windscreen wiper won’t stop windscreen wipering – it isn’t raining. The only way to stop it is to open the rear window. Fortunately the single figure temperatures of last week have given way to something actually resembling spring.

Home for a few days in order to remind myself what my house looks like and to work. I am tasked with instructing a fifteen year old in the intricacies of armour wearing. This should be a breeze but said fifteen year old is six foot seven – mmm step ladder required. Also spent time with some lovely people researching their Buckland Brewer ancestors – there are however just too many people called William Squire for comfort.

3rd weekend in April, 3rd destination. This time we are off to Darlington where I am giving 2 talks at Cleveland FHS’s day conference. I am speaking twice so they get some sort of value for the expenses they will need to part with for my 720 mile round trip. Have talk will travel, that’s me. We are then planning to go straight to Old Sarum from Darlington for our Neolithic House Building project. Away we go. There was probably the brightest rainbow I have ever seen just as we turn off the M4; hope this is a good omen. We reach Tewkesbury, our normal breaking-a-long-journey site. Tewkesbury is one of the caravan sites where our antiquated television aerial fails to receive any sort of signal. I had forgotten this and am disappointed to miss ‘Pointless’. Chris had remembered about the lack of television signal. What he has however forgotten is his joining instructions as a volunteer Neolithic House Builder. Yes, that would be the instructions that say you MUST (capital letters, underlined) bring these with you. I can see me building alone although I intend exploiting the small print in the volunteer handbook that says English Heritage will help us solve any problems that may arise, in order to get him through the security cordon.

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