Mostly about Clovelly and other Community History

A real Clovelly fest this week. Saturday I went to the Methodist Church, with the intention of helping to clean it but actually spent most of the time discussing what can be done to enhance visits to the Church. We plan to investigate the stories of the thirty Clovelly men whose names appear on the First World War Roll of Honour in the Church. A meeting of Clovelly Community Archive Association yesterday, with attendees bringing in some fascinating material. Indexers welcome!


The Proposed Archive Database is Explained


One of the Pictures Brought in to Share – Clovelly Girls’ School

The Buried in Buckland team have now uploaded all the gravestone transcriptions – just those inside the church to do.

And Family Historians’ Enquire Within is complete – still needs proof reading and then it is on to the next project.

Along with all this, several days in the seventeenth century and Mistress Agnes features in the Wellington Weekly. A little concerned when I asked a pupil at another of the schools we visited to read the Lord’s Prayer from a horn book. ‘Do you recognise this?’ I ask. ‘Yes’, says the pupil – ‘it is Shakespeare’.


2 comments on “Mostly about Clovelly and other Community History

  1. Brenda Turner says:

    Lovely pic of you on Audrey Collins blog.

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