Halberds in the hall and other historical matters

Last night we transported all the seventeenth century gear back home ready for a school visit. Normally we don’t take pikes on these occassions – bit tricky fitting them in the car. A special request for pike drill meant we gave it a go, with shorter than authentic pikes. A little problematic this – every time we went down hill the pikes threatened to shoot through the windscreen. I now have a halberd in the hall – as you do of course. Good job we weren’t stopped and accused of carrying an offensive weapon. Most of our swords are blunted in the interests of health and safety but this halberd is the real macoy – I’m sure I can put it to good use.

Today my copy of Poxed and Scurvied: the story of sickness and health at sea that I ordered at Who Do You Think You Are? Live arrived – looking forward to reading that.

My work editing Family Historians’ Enquire Within is nearly done. Just struggling with the last few ‘R’s – rather a lot of Royal somethings. A couple of websites caught my eye – a list of royal warrant holders and those who have been awarded medals by the Royal Humane Society. Don’t you just love lists? Not begining with R of course but a good one for those with an interest in Maritime Heritage is Portcities. Finally, a couple of favourites from the English Heritage stable are Pastscape  and Images of England.

I always suspected that commercial television overdid the adverts. I can now reliably state that it is possible to index ten years’ worth of Buckland Brewer burials just using the advert breaks in one episode of Dancing on Ice.

The Neolithic House build is underway – can’t wait for my stint in April. My last attempt at cob was constructing a model medieval village with year 7s. We used PVA glue to hold it together – not exactly authentic!

Excited to hear that I am to interviewed on the Geneabloggers website sometime soon.


One comment on “Halberds in the hall and other historical matters

  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the Portcities link. I have a lot of UK Mariners in my Ancestry 🙂 …

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