Escaping from London and the Aftermath

The Saturday and Sunday at Who Do You Think You Are? Live passed in a whirl. More chat with folk from the English Civil War Society and The Methodist Heritage stand. The latter could be very exciting. There are many activities planned for the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Bible Chrisitains in 2015. A very interesting and well delivered lecture on Richard III’s DNA test from Dr Turi King.

Then I felt morally obliged to spend money on books – rather a lot of books. These included Kirsty Gray’s new book from Pen and Sword on Tracing West Country Ancestors. From the same stable I purchased a book I should have written about how our ancestors died and I have on order another about illness on board ship.

Just to prove that Chris really does get everywhere, friends from the Guild of One Name Studies appear with a magazine for RBS pensioners. They open it up and lo and behold, there he is, in fishing guise this time. His portrait has been commended in a photographic competition! On the subject of portraits, a young friend of mine has produced wonderful portraits of Master Christopher and myself for her school work.


Tired after a busy weekend Master Christopher and I morph back in to our 21st century selves and prepare to leave the hall ten minutes before the end of day three. With a mind to the mile walk from station to camp site, our belongings are strapped to the trolley – that’s the trolley whose wheel is still secured by a nappy pin. We are stopped by a security man. We cannot leave because we have a trolley and it is not yet ‘break down’ time. We explain that our stall is still fully functioning, that we need to get a train and that the bag contains our clothes. Now an advantage to being ‘memorable’, the security guard remembers seeing Chris in costume. He wants to feel our bag to ensure it contains clothes. This he duly does and we are able to escape. Strangely he has no interest in the box of books under the bag……..

Home again and time to catch up. First absorbing the contents of the Chancery document acquired at the National Archives that so nearly extends one branch of the Braund family tree and links other branches to it. After a day’s work on this I reluctantly decide that there still isn’t quite enough proof.

More Buckland burial indexing and two lovely friends are busy checking  this. A meeting preparing the Devon Family History Society‘s Summer Special, which sadly the job I must not mention will prevent me attending.

Three talks to prepare – busy busy – so much history so little time.


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