Mistress Agnes meets Roger Knight, Marches in Torrington and Heads for Who Do You Think You Are Live

Mistress Agnes was very excited to be included on Gerald the Herald’s blog. In truth she was a little confused as to what a blog was and even more puzzled when she heard that Gerald featured on something called a Kindle. Fortunately Mistress A was prevented from setting fire to said Kindle (she mistakenly thought it was kindling) and was able to read the exciting adventures of Gerald and Roger Knight. Roger lives, as all good Medieval knights do, in suburban Croydon, where Mistress Agnes’ alter ego Janet grew up. A wonderful story for young and old, written by one of my school friends. Read it history friends, friends with children, friends who can read – and revel in the tale of the joust on the local rec, with the defeated knights travelling home on the 119 bus.

On the neolithic front, we have received our briefing and have had to return our ‘in case of death’ forms. Although the project is to be accomplished using period tools ‘elf and safety’ requires us to be equipped with not very authentic ‘safety wellingtons’. Usual shoe dilemma when asked to nominate the required size. Have gone with foot width (5) rather than foot length (3) this time and may live to regret it.

Last night Mistress Agnes marched and drummed not very efficiently, to commemorate the 367th anniversary of the Battle of Torrington and to pay tribute to those who fought for political freedom then and since. This is real hairs standing up on the back of the neck stuff, as we trace the route of the army in to town and lay a wreath on the mass grave of the Royalist prisoners. Lovely to meet with many old friends on a similar journey. ‘We are with you’. Have to say though that The English March gets a little tedious the nth time round. The following day one knows one’s been drumming continuously for an hour. During the course of this, yet another North Devon Journal photographer risked life and camera to capture Master Christopher’s image – so be warned NDJ readers.

Great bit of detective work by one of my fellow Buckland Brewer gravestone transcribers and we have identified a fragment that is now in a private garden and can add it to our Buried in Buckland records.

Just to report that Mistress Agnes and Master Christopher will be in attendance on Devon Family History Society stand at Who Do You Think You Are? Live over the weekend. Plenty of great Devon related goodies. Copies of Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs will be available – stop me and buy one. Janet has managed to persuade Mistress A and Master C not to ‘appear’ until after the fair opens – Master Christopher was particularly keen to travel on the train from Crystal Palace but Mistress Agnes on a Friday commuter train is probably more than bears thinking about!


One comment on “Mistress Agnes meets Roger Knight, Marches in Torrington and Heads for Who Do You Think You Are Live

  1. Jeanne Perrett says:

    Roger, Gerald and all the Knights of the Wondrous Order thank Mistress Agnes and Janet! Actually I think Mistress A and Master C would be just what the Crystal Palace train needs!

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