Mistress Agnes to go Neolithic

Exciting news today that I have been accepted as a volunteer on English Heritage’s Project to build some neolithic houses. Don’t you just love experimental archeology! Nearest I’ve come to this is building cob cottages with my former history students – have to confess though that these were only three inches high.

Train and entrance tickets for Who Do You Think You Are? Live have arrived. Still wondering why I had to give my debit card a nickname before thetrainline.com would process my order.

Another 20 years of Buckland Brewer burials indexed this morning, about 150 years to go. And finally, after nearly a year, our Heritage Lottery application for the Clovelly Community Archive is in. Now to busy ourselves indexing whilst we wait.

I really can’t sign off without commenting on the tragic news of the death of Fisherman’s Friend Trevor Grills and the band’s tour manager Paul McMullan. Truly awful what can I say? I do hope that the remaining Friends will find the strength to continue to entertain us in their unique style.


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