Grave Matters and other History

Getting back in the old routine post Finland now and realising just how busy the upcoming months are likely to be.

Most of my time has been spent putting the final touches to the Buried in Buckland project, so that the transcriptions of the stones in Buckland Brewer’s three graveyards can be made available online. No soon than I did what I understand is known as a ‘soft launch’, than my website went mad, creating my second busiest day ever, with 90 visitors looking at 324 pages. There are still quite a number of stones to double check and add for the main churchyard. The precipitation and temperatures (albeit warmer than Finland) are not conducive to running round churchyards in force quite a lot gales.

In the meantime, we have about half the burials left to index. These have already been transcribed but not in a way that is searchable and we are combining this information with that from the gravestones.

Last week saw the official opening of Buckland Brewer Community Shop; the sun shone, the crowds flocked in and I somehow ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Spotlight TV cameras were panning round.

A day in the seventeenth century at a local High School this week, as enjoyable as ever. Good to get back in the school groove before March when we have school bookings almost every day.

At last the interminable ‘A’s are done for the Family Historian Enquire Within edit. Pages of the wretched things and many of them not near the top of my own knowledge bank – Army, Australia etc. etc.. It will be good to get to the comparative calm of the ‘W’s this week.

Not yet had time to get excited about the forthcoming Who Do You Think You Are? Live but looking forward to catching up with old friends. Last year I met the Janet Hovorka, another warrior in the campaign to encourage the next generation of family historians. She has just launched the website Zap the Grandma Gap and I hope to get a copy of her book of the same name at the show. I need to be circumspect with my purchases, unless that is someone can tell me how to install elastic sides in my cottage.


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