Snow, Shouting and Filling in Forms

Been spending time on my contribution to the Clovelly Community Archive Association Heritage Lottery Funding bid. Suffice it to say that if I never see another lottery application form it will be too soon. Also gave a Healing Herbs talk to a local WI. A refreshing change to find the average age of my audience was thirty something. We were however sharing the venue with the most raucous Parish Council meeting imaginable. Good job I can talk quite loudly!

I’ve offered to co-ordinate references to disease, injusry and death in the High Court of Admiralty depositions for the Marine Lives project – looking forward to that one.

Snow Day? These are a recent invention. I can remember being at infants school in the bad winter of 1962/3 (that gives my age away). We walked to school and back twice a day – no school dinners – climbing up and down piles of snow as we did so. Never any suggestion that schools might close. Ok so the snowy weather is good practice for Lapland but will we actually get that far? We just need the coach to run – please. Maybe I could just import a few reindeer and huskies and we could stay at home. Ah but then we would miss spending the night in minus 5 temperatures in the ice hotel and the igloo with the rotating bed. The brochure tells us we may want to follow our sauna by rolling naked in the snow – or maybe we won’t.


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