Grave matters, the letter ‘L’, life on the high seas and Lapland preparations

Now time to get back to what passes for ‘normal’ in my post-Christmas mad historical existence. The transcribing and indexing of the gravestones in the three churchyards in Buckland Brewer is almost at the point of being made available online – watch this space.

Two thirds of the ‘Enquire Within’ alphabet is now completed. ‘L’ threw up some interesting websites including a growing database enabling online searches for apprentices and freemen of various London Livery Companies 1400-1900. Allowed myself to be diverted looking up the World War 2 damage to my grandparents’ Battersea home on Bomb Sight – couldn’t make the search facility work but found them by moving the map around. Bit disappointed that they had no date for the incendiary falling in the adjacent graveyard but I can probably help with this as I have a letter from the landlord concerning the house repairs. Only snag was there didn’t seem to be a ‘contact us’ on the site. How is this ‘L’?, you may ask – ‘L’ is for London and rather a lot of other things unfortunately. ‘M’ is next – manorial records, maps, marriage and medals, to name just some that will take a bit of editing.

Just taken part in a forum for the Marine Lives Project. Some interesting possible uses of these C17th admiralty documents were suggested. Fortunately conference skyping means no accompanying video so I didn’t have to dress for the occasion.

Things are hotting up in regard to our Lapland preparations, although ‘hotting up’ is probably not the term to use. Have just spent a fortune on thermal everythings you can imagine in the sales. Then comes a brochure warning us that our night in the Ice Hotel means a night spent at minus 5 degrees. They recommend merino wool undies. That does sound a tad scratchy not to say very expensive – have to hope the thermals and thoughtfully provided ‘artic sleeping bag’ will suffice. Have just looked at the 10 day weather forecast for Kittila – with wind chill, minus 25 on the day we arrive! At least it will mean the ice hotel will feel cosy by comparison.

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