Gravestones in the Wind and Inaccurate Transcriptions

Spent the last few days breaking the back of indexing the transcripts of the local memorial inscriptions that my helpers and I (well mostly my helpers) have completed. The end is in sight but there is a fair bit of checking to be done. The sun came out – you may remember  this – it is a circular golden object that used to appear in the sky sometimes. Ideal, we can start some checking. Ah – sunny it may be but juggling lap top, pen, camera and sheets of paper in a force 8 gale with a wind chill factor of minus quite a lot, means checking was abandoned for another day. My companion was heard  to mutter ‘this is warm compared to Lapland’ – still worrying about that one. We are combining the information on the gravestones with that in the burial register and I am surprised by the level of discrepancy – different ages, different versions of names and several poor folk being buried a year or two before they died!

Still struggling through ‘C’ on my re-edit of Family Historians’ Enquire Within just how many things related to family history can begin with C? And they include many entries that need severe revision since the mid 1990s – ‘Canada’ and ‘Census’ accomplished now preparing to bite the bullet that is ‘Civil Registration’.

The holiday season is obviously prompting people to revisit their family history and I have exchanged useful information on Buckland Brewer families, including additions to my ’emigrants’ collection.

Had the first ever refusal of one of many corrections to Findmypast. Resubmitted  it with War and Peace in the ‘comments’ box. I did find ‘Seamster’ (if this exists as a word – presumably the masculine of seamstress) an unlikely occupation for a 19 year old male on a farm. I then worked back a few pages to find other upper case ‘T’s that were identical to the initial letter – this time mistranscribed as ‘L’ so another correction has gone in.


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