T is for Tree – the history interpreter’s historical advent calendar, the end of the world and other matters

Well, contrary to Mayan opinion, 11.11am has passed and we are all still here. I was prompted to wonder about the effect of the switch to the Gregorian Calendar. May this mean we are eleven days out?

What to do with the rest of the day – apart from spreading Christmas Cheer in the Community Shop? I think it may be an occasion for indexing a few more gravestones – I know how to party!


The Christmas tree is a C16th German tradition. Its use was first recorded in England in 1829 and it was popularised by Queen Victoria. It was derived from the ancient pagan traditions of bringing evergreens into the house during winter to symbolise the hope of spring.

 Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night was followed by a day when the home was blessed. The Puritans discontinued this custom and Twelfth Night lost its religious connections. It then became an occasion for over indulgence. It was therefore banned as a feast day in 1870.


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