S is for Snowmen – the history interpreter’s historical advent calendar – if you thought P was bad C is worse!

‘P’ and ‘E’ now done for the Family Historians’ Enquire Within edit. ‘Emigration’ took some time. Have finished now for the holiday season but did have a quick look at forthcoming ‘C’ and wished I hadn’t.

Events in my village this week have reinforced my belief in the need for proper history teaching. We need to equip people with the ability to gather facts from a variety of sources and to evaluate the accuracy of the evidence. Maybe then ludicrous rumours wouldn’t find their way on to social media sites so easily. Rant over!

Lovely time with Highampton History Society last night. I even sold copies of Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs to 40% of the audience! Mistress Agnes is now off duty until the New Year.

Snowmen are thought to be a survival of a totemic pagan ritual. The largest snow person was built in 2008 in Maine and was 122 feet 1 inch tall.

There is no biblical evidence for Jesus’ birth in a stable. The references to the animals and a manger have led to the association with the stable, although at the time of Jesus’ birth animals would have been brought in to share part of the living accommodation.

The star is another nativity tradition for which there is no biblical evidence. It is, in literal translations, a ‘bright light in the sky’, regarded by some as being a comet.


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