L is for Lamb’s Wool and Christingle Capers – the history interpreter’s historical advent calendar

Local Christingle Service today. Lovely to see the children taking part. Lacking the person power to pre manufacture Christingles for all and in the interests of self-help, the participants were provided with the ingredients in order to assemble the Christingles themselves. This was somewhat akin to an audition for the next Blue Peter presenter. Try making a hole in an orange sufficient to insert a candle with only the aid of the contents of a handbag and without squirting orange juice all over the church. Watching folk struggle with this and with cocktail sticks and lighted candles, it occurred to me that Christingles fail on the health and safety front on so many levels. Let’s just hope no one realises this and they don’t become the next victim of a nanny state. In the past I was always concerned on such occassions because my daughters had very long hair, which was in danger of being ignited by the candle. It had not occurred to me that I needed to ensure my companion’s beard did not suffer the same fate. Hindsight is a wondeful thing.

Lamb’s Wool

A traditional wassailing brew. From  La mas ubal  (apple fruit day – Lammastide) Made from warm cider or ale, sugar, roasted apples or crab apples, spices and cream.

Lord of Misrule

The Lord of Misrule was appointed on 31st October to rule from Christmas Eve until Candlemas (2nd February). The custom was not revived after the mid C17th Puritan ban on Christmas celebrations.

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