S is for too many things!

Excited to learn that I am to speak on North Devon Emigrants at the Halstead Trust’s Exodus: Movement of the People conference in Leicestershire in September. Now to decide which example emigrants to choose. Cheered me up after a morning slogging through ‘S’ Enquire Within entries; unfortunately these include Scotland, Seamen and other lengthy topics. It is incredible how much has changed since the last, pre-internet, edition. Having become obsessed with the alphabetical motif I have decided to adopt it for an after dinner talk/Christmas entertainment that I appear to have been ‘volunteered’ for. A is for advent, Y is for Yule and all things in between. I may inflict this on my blog followers as a sort of advent calendar.

I am beginning to regret the decision to incorporate the burial registers from Buckland Brewer into our memorial inscriptions’ index. The registers have been transcribed but I felt I should check the transcription. Despite all my palaeographical practice with the High Admiralty documents, this is going to be tricky. The handwriting is not the problem, nor indeed is the Latin. The pages appear to have been chewed by rats, damaged by tempest or something similar. I may have to trust the transcription done in the 1930s, at least for the earliest entries.


2 comments on “S is for too many things!

  1. Brenda Turner says:

    Delighted to hear that you will be at the Exodus Conference next September. I wrote to you recently comparing distances in the UK and here in Canada, and urging you to find a way to add your name to your blog. I will be at the conference myself, and look forward to hearing you!
    Brenda Turner

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