B is for British History Online

Have now finished ‘B’ for my Family Historians’ Enquire Within edit. Just thought I would, for the uninitiated, share how good British History Online is. A treasury of national and local documents, many from the early modern period, that can be searched by surname or place name. So many sources, so little time.

I am also getting back to the Buckland Brewer Memorial Inscriptions indexing project. The full transcriptions are all done and we are indexing. Still haven’t braved storm and tempest to take the remaining photos but I will, I WILL. We also plan to incorporate the burial registers for a ‘buried in Buckland’ overview. Bit of an indexing fest all round really as I am about to start some Clovelly indexing and I am now whizzing my way through the C17th Court of High Admiralty documents – on a case relating to the misappropriation of a cargo of serges at the moment.

Also revisted my Dawson ancestors this week. Have finally confirmed that the ‘fact’ that  great great auntie Alice died in a fire in Whitstable is rubbish. I had several similar ‘facts’ on this branch, gleaned from years of discussions with my mother and great aunt, both of whom knew the individuals they were talking about. Apart from the mode of auntie Alice’s demise, other ‘facts’ that proved groundless include the name of her first husband (actually there was no first husband but the name I was given was also incorrect for the father of her illegitimate child). No, William Sadler’s, name was not William but Harold, Uncle William’s wife was Fannie, not Carrie and as for the surname for cousin May’s husband – no relation to the truth at all. All this depsite the labels in the family photo album that I had revelled in since early childhood. ‘Always label your family photographs’. Yes, but it would help if the labels were right!

Auntie Alice – who definitely didn’t burn to death – and Cousin May

Now for the Braund Society Christmas lunch today.

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