Swords, ships, stories and polo shirts

An enjoyable day last week at the annual conference of Cornwall Family History Society. Then back to croak my way through a ‘between courses’ dinner talk. Fortunately  this was in short segments and I was ably assisted by Master Christopher (barber surgeon to the desperate) so my voice just about held out, if it did sound a little painful. Anyway, being told about gory medical procedures didn’t seem to put people off their meal.

The voice gradually improved throughout a week in the C17th, although the outdoor session struggling with a large group of French teenagers and a howling gale required Master Christopher to come to my rescue.

We’ve now heard that Instruments of Death will be screened on the Yesterday Channel on 12th November and then repeated twelve times in the few days afterwards. I would say this was overkill but it might be taken as a pun. The episode that I was involved in was centered around the English Civil War, its weapons and the medical techniques available for the treatment of any resulting wounds. I probably won’t appear myself (even if I’m being generous mine was a cameo appearance) but my colleagues will. This is episode one of what should be an interesting series.

More transcriptions of High Admiralty documents for the Marine Lives Project this week. I am getting into the swing of these now and it is an exciting project. If you are interested in C17th maritime history take a look.

Yesterday was the second of my one day Writing up your Family History courses. I was very pleased with how it went and was amazed that students came from Cornwall, Somerset, Berkshire and Hampshire! What a great bunch, all hopefully now motivated to put their family story into some kind of permanent form. Been a good week for sales Coffers, Clysters, Comfrey and Coifs – am planning to market it as a Christmas present suggestion – oh dear, Christmas catalogues come out in June, maybe I’ve missed the boat.

Very excited to learn that my new status as leader of the North Devon Group of Devon Family History Society entitles me to wear an official polo shirt – shame it won’t be available in time for today’s meeting in Exeter, which is to be followed by a meeting of Devon members of The Guild of One Name Studies.


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