Mostly about a Puncture + other historical ramblings

It has been a busy few days since we returned from the frozen north. Inevitably there was the post holiday mound of e.mails and post to wade through. These contained several requests for talks and some Braund one-name study queries. A lovely review of Coffers, Clysters in the latest Cornwall Family History Society Journal too. Then some exciting ideas for the Clovelly Archive database/website and plans for a winter indexing project. Next I spend a day inspiring some lovely people to create their own family’s story in some kind of permanent form. I struggle to do my quota of transcribing of C17th Admiralty documents for the Marine Lives Project. The latest lot are about whaling.

Today, back to the real work in the seventeenth century and we get up at silly o’clock to take the delights of the Civil War to a not very nearby school. Vehicle loaded, three passengers in full C17th rig, a couple of miles up the road and we get a puncture. Simple, some of us at least know how to change a tyre. What we don’t know is where in this fairly new to us car to find the jack. Will we have to empty armour, wooden buckets and clyster syringes out on to the road? It is still dark, raining and we are on a bend approaching the crest of a hill, this could be somewhat of a hazard. It turns out that we don’t have a jack. We contemplate using the C17th head crusher instead (every car should have one). We decide to go for the AA option. Strangely the substitute AA man, when he arrives, blinks not an eye-lid to find our driver dressed in knee high boots and breeches. I do think the high-viz jacket set them off well though. It seems the spare wheel is the wrong sort and it is difficult to tighten the nuts. Not wishing to see our back wheel rolling down a hill, we take advice and return to a garage. Sadly, this means we have to postpone our school booking as we are already nearly two hours late. There’s a bit of an issue while we wonder if we actually have any money on us – will they take groats?


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