Homeward Bound

The is the coldest day yet and we have to deice the car before our 288 mile drive back down the Great North Road, except in our case it will be the Great South Road. We leave before the site office is open so I am instructed to chalk our now vacant pitch number on a blackboard provided for the purpose. Blackboard fine, chalk the size of a pea, more difficult but I manage, despite the gloves. All the time we have been on this site we have seen and heard large skeins of geese, who apparently live on the nearby former gravel pit. On other sites we have been ‘entertained’ by cockerels and peacocks, here it has been geese. One flies past very low as we leave, as if to say goodbye. We need yet more fuel and decide to leave the main road at Newcastle to try and obtain some at cheaper than services prices. Our map tells us that there is a Morrisons here but the Sat Nav fails to recognise the road so we are guessing. I spot a large M on a road sign, it is yellow and black, Morrisons’  colours and in the same font as Morrisons’ signs so we follow these only to find that it also stands for Metro. Fortunately the Metro is close to Tescos so we are fine. The Angel of the North looms on the horizon, unfortunately we cannot stop on this road so I try taking pictures first through the windscreen and then by letting in a lot of cold air, leaning precariously out the open window and turning round backwards as we speed past.

The Angel of the North

The Sat Nav does have a few funny turns as we take her down roads she thinks are fields. ‘Turning around where possible’ is probably not an option on the A1(M). The caravan limits us to a maximum of sixty mph so it is nearly seven hours before we arrive back at Tewkesbury. The annual mop fair is being held. Sadly this doesn’t seem to pay any lip service to the historic hiring fair that it would once have been. Now it is an excuse for an oversized fun-fair creating a diversion in the town. We do however get to the camp site on time this time. The site has been flooded in our absence so is a little on the spongy side but we settle in for the last night of our holiday. The following morning it is home from Tewkesbury – now for catching up with all the work that hasn’t been done over the last three weeks.


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